Exos heroes reroll guide ( Reroll Tier List)

Exos heroes is a brand new MMORPG game. Check out the ultimate guide on rerolling for Exos Heroes with the tier list.

There are two different methods for rerolling. Android users have a different method and IOS user also has a different method. Check out Exos heroes reroll guide for Android and IOS gamer.

 Reroll in Android

If you are using the android device to playing the game, then You can’t able to play as a guest account. So you must have multiple either FB or Google play game account to do multiple time reroll. However, if you are a lucky one, then you will get the best hero on your first attempt. So reroll is just all about luck.

Follow the below step do reroll.

  • Just install APK from the Play store and start download addition OBB file in your language.
  • Start the game and do begging prologue quest
  • Go to the mailbox icon and claim all XES.
  • Just go to recruitment options and start to reroll with your collected 700 XES( you will get 11 recruit chance)
  • if you get good heroes then continues
  • Others, delete data from setting>App> Exos Heros and restart the game with new fresh Gmail or FB account.

 Reroll in IOS

You just follow a similar process in the IOS device such as an iPad or iPhone. But here, you have to need to start with the guest account. So select play as guests and start the game. Follow all same guideline. End of reroll, if you get any good tier hero, then continue with the game. otherwise, uninstall the game and reinstall the game from the store. And play as guest account again.

Reroll Tier list

Below list of Best heroes while you must aiming while rerolling.

  • Bathory – SS Tier hero
  • Rachel – SS Tier hero
  • Garp – S Tier hero
  • Shufraken – S Tier Hero
  • Jinal – A TIER Hero
  • Baraka- A Tier  Hero
  • Bernadette – A Tier Hero

So this is just quick guide on how to reroll in the Exos heroes. If you have any questions, drop your comment on the comment box.

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