evil lands game guide

Evil Lands Online Action RPG Walkthrough, Guide, Tips and Cheats

If you love to RPG Game and want to play new RPG Game then Evil Lands is one perfect game for You.Evil lands is one New Role Playing game for Android Phone.

Evil Lands is an one Perfect game because it provide Amazing graphics,Online Real Time RPG mode.Variety of maps and captivating quests and Cooperative and PVP modes many more.So these all make game more good and more amazing.

And also game provide another important thing such as two player modes,maps,customization characters and etc.So if you love to play RPG Game,then you must play this game once.

In this article,we will give all basic guide,walkthrough and basic tips for Evil Lands Action RPG Game.These guide help you to play game more friendly and increasing your performance in the game.

Evil Lands Guide

Before Started to Basic guide for Evil Lands game,you already known that whenever you first time start the game,you have three different option to choose your own character for the game. According to your choice,you can choose any character for your game play.

evil lands game guide

After select your favorite character,main game will start.When you start the game,you need to increasing your level for unlock skill.

evil lands game guide

Evil Lands Skill

You will get different type of skill in the game.Every skills have its own power.But at beginning of game,you have limited option for choose skill.You need to unlock more skil by leveling up your experience level in the game.

There are total three type of skills are in the game.Namely Basics,Boosts and specials.

Basic Skills

In basic skills,There are total five skills are available. Such as Smash Skill,Slide Skill,Charge Skill,Bleed Skill,Frenzy Skill.

  • Smash Skill : Deal Powerful area damage to nearby enemies.
  • Slide Skill : Dashes to the target for a single strong attack.
  • Charge Skill : Jumps towards the target for an area smash.Unlock at Level 18.
  • Sleed Skill : Powerful slash that leaves the target bleeding.Unlock Level at 11.
  • Frenzy Skill : Creates surrounding force that pushes you forward causing damage on enemy nearby.Unlock at level 22.

Boosts Skills

In Boosts skill,there are total five skills, such as Sprint Skill,Shield Skill,Elemental Shield Skill,Damage Boost,Call to Arms Skill.
  • Sprint Skill : This skill increasing movement and attack speed.
  • Shield Skill : This skill reduces all types of damage taken for a certain period of time.Unlock at level 12.
  • Elemental Shield Skill : Increase resistance to poison.Fire and cold.Unlock at level 35.
  • Damage Boost Skill : Increase inflicted damage for a certain period of time.Unlock at level 14.
  • Call to Arms Skill : Increases maximum health of nearby teammates.Unlock at level 45.

How to Level Up in Evil Lands?

Best way of increasing your level in evil lands game is that Complete all the Quest Event one by one.Because using these event complete,You will get extra diamond or gems.Also you will get more experience point which help to increasing your level in the game.

How to Restore Health Power?

There are no any medicine or spells which help to restore your health power.After complete your mission or fall down enemy then whenever you will go next mission,your damaged health automatically restore after some time.So you don’t need to restore it.

PvP Game

You need to minimum Level 8 to unlock PvP mode in Evil Lands game.To get level 8,you just need to complete all quest mission in the game.Then you will automatically eligible to play PvP mode.

Unlock New Maps

There are total three maps are available in evil lands game.Namely, skylark field,shadow island and coldwater peaks.Skylark field map is one default map when you just started the game.But to access another two map,you need to complete your previous quest mission.Then you can access another two maps in the game.


Collect Gems

Gems are very expensive in this game.You can earn gem by complete quest mission. Whenever you complete quest mission,You will get some gems from its.These gems are useful to upgrade your gears,skill etc.So don’t waste gems also.

Upgrade Skills & Gears

It is always good habit to upgrade your skills and gears with time to time.Because every upgrade give you more power & strength. So whenever you level up then always first give priority to upgrade your skills and gears.It will increasing your health power and damage power.

Change your skill frequently

Change your skill frequently,because every skills have it’s own power and work.So it is total depend on mission,that which type of skills more useful to give more damage and get victory. For example, charge skill Jumps towards the target for an area smash.But while smash skill Deal Powerful area damage to nearby enemies.

Complete Each Quest

Quest will give your gems and help to increasing your level in the game.Because Each quest mission give you more gems and help to increasing your level.So more levels will giving more skills.

evil lands game guide
Complete Each Quest

So this is one good deal to complete quest mission.

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Jeff kinard

I have been playing for a day, I’v gotten a pouch of things built up. Is there a place I can sell equipment I do not need or want?


I finished all quests on island three and said new map unlocked, cant find it. What am I missing?