Evil Hunter Tycoon Reroll Guide to get best hunters in the game

The best way to get the best hunters in the evil hunter tycoon is doing reroll in the game. In this article, you will get a rerolling guide on Evil Hunter Tycoon to get the best hunter at starting of the game.

A thorough explanation of the Reroll method and method of “Evil Hunter tycoon” and the important elements in the capture of this work, the introduction of recommended characters and whether it is interesting even without charging. In addition, this article also introduces the reason for the character per gacha of Evil Hunter tycoon, the criterion for ending the rerolling, and the probability of gacha.


Rerolling is possible in “Evil Hunter Tycoon”?

Since the reroll efficiency is very good, hit the legend character as much as possible before starting the game. Also, there is almost no tutorial for this game, so you can play reroll right after installing the game.

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The detailed rerolling method is introduced in ” Efficient reroll method ” in the article

Pre-registration and login for evil hunter tycoon

In “Evil Hunter Tycoon”, you can get gems and hunter invitations for Gacha after completing the tutorial.You can purchase a hunter invitation (gacha) using jewels from this store.

Pre-registration and login bonus rewards

  • Limited Express Hunter Invitation x 3
  • Jewelry x 120

The emission probability may vary depending on the type and period of the gacha.

evil hunter tycoon reroll


Arcane Hunter Invitation
Legend 2%
Heroic 9%
Super Rare 30%
Rare 59%


Advanced Hunter Invitation
Legend 0.5%
Heroic 3%
Super Rare 17%
Rare 30&
Normal 49.5%

The end line of rerolling of “Evil Hunter Tycoon” is a legend character that is the highest rarity. In this game’s gacha system, you use a hunter invitation to hit a character. As mentioned above, the hunter invitation can be purchased further at the store, so let’s go to the store after the story ends.

By the way, there are two types of hunter invitations, Arcane express and advanced, so purchase with reference to the above gacha probability

Recommend Hunter while rerolling

Hunters in Evil Huntertown are made up of four Classes: Berserker, Ranger, Paladin, and Sorcerer .

Each class has different skills, so aim for a character of your favorite class. This game does not have a high probability of gacha.

So basically it is recommended that you end it when multiple legend characters hit Considering the rerolling efficiency, it would be better to aim for many high rare hunters rather than performance

Evil Hunter Tycoon Reroll Guide

Below guide on how to reroll in the Evil Hunter Tycoon.

Follow the below step to reroll in the Evil Hunter Tycoon.

  • Download game and get the reward from email
  • Buy Hunter Enivation from shop
  • Go to town storatge> Special
  • Open your hunter Invitation

“Evil Hunter Tycoon” game app size: 125.2MB. After installing the app, use the skip button in the upper right corner of the screen to skip and efficiently re-slice.

After that, you will need to enter your name, but this work allows you to duplicate the name. In order to change it later, you will need a gem, so enter your favorite name and let’s go.

After completing the tutorial, you can receive a reward from the “mail” on the top right of the home screen.

After receiving the present, use the hunter invitation from the “Warehouse” to aim for your favorite character.

In addition, if you are going to rerolling, you can purchase a hunter invitation using jewelry from the store. Hunter invitations are divided into advanced and arcane, so buy the one you like.

Draw Gacha- Hunter

Hunters (characters) can be summoned from the evil hunter tycoon gacha, and hunter invitations can be purchased from stores.

Arcane  Express Hunter Invitation requires 45 jewels and Advanced Hunter Invitation requires 15 jewels.

Evil Hunter Tycoon Reroll Guide

Advanced hunter invitations have a high probability of legend, but you can only buy two. Advanced Hunter invitations, on the other hand, have a low Legendary Probability, but you can buy seven.

The recommendation is to aim for the legendary character with the invitation of the advanced hunter, but those who want to hit the high rare character early can buy the limited express.

You can delete the data of the resemble of “Evil Hunter tycoon” by the general reroll method (uninstall & install). Since the download time of this work is almost at the download time, let’s go to the place where the Wifi environment is good.

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