Evil Hunter Tycoon: All About Hunter – Guide & Tips

In the evil Hunter Tycoon game, your main character is called the hunter. In this article, you will get all the details about Hunter in the Evil Hunter Tycoon game.

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Who is Hunter ?

In the evil hunter tycoon, the hunter is your main character or hero in the game. To understand your hunter is one basic thing for all new players.


Evil Hunter Tycoon tips
Understand your hunter wisely

There are four different classes for the hunter. Below the list of all classes for the hunter.

  • Berserker
  • Ranger
  • Paladin
  • Sorcerer

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Below stats for hunters.

HP: Decreases as hunters get attacked by monsters. Hunters can recover at the Infirmary. If their HP reaches 0, they die and must revive at the Sanctuary of Resurrection.

Satiety: Decreases every time a hunter attacks a monster. If the hunter becomes hungry, they will return to the town. They can recover their Satiety gauge at the restaurant.

Mood: Decreases every time a monster attacks a hunter. The hunter’s other stats scale along with their Mood gauge. They can recover their Mood gauge at the Tavern.

Stamina: Hunter’s Stamina decreases as time goes by. If the Hunter is tired they will return to the town. They can recover their Stamina at the Inn.

ATK: Affects the amount of damage the hunter inflicts on monsters. The higher the number, the more damage they can inflict.

DEF: Affects the number of damage hunters receive from monsters. The higher the number, the lower the damage received.

CRIT: Chance to inflict 1.5x critical hit damage to monsters. (Can be increased to MAX 50% with equipment).

When a hunter visits the town they have a 33% chance to receive high stats. They will have a 6% chance to get the highest stats. High stats will be highlighted in sky blue, and the highest stats will be highlighted in orange.

Hunter tiers are divided into Normal, Rare, Superior, Heroic, and Legendary.

Hunter tiers are determined by their total stats. (Normal stat is 0 point, High stat is 1 point, the Highest stat is 2 points).

Above 14 points = Legendary, above 10 points = Heroic, above 6 points = Superior, above 2 points = Rare, and Normal for everything else.

The chance rate of each Tier is like below. Hunter invitations share the same chance rate with Wait Slot. Hunters in the queue will visit in order as soon as space is available. Queued Hunters won’t be saved if the game is deleted or saved to the cloud.

Hunter Reincarnation Guide

Once a hunter reaches level 100 they can reincarnate to become even stronger. Hunter can reincarnate up to 5 times. When reincarnated their stats are increased and level is reset to 1.

Every time they reincarnate a hunter will receive 1 point to learn a trait. Select a hunter and tap [Learn>Traits] to move the hunter to learn a trait.

To reset the trait use the Phoenix Feather.  Lv. 100 Hunters who have accomplished all 5 reincarnations will gain Shadow Souls instead of EXP.  Shadow Souls will be used for a 2nd Class Change hunters. (Update TBA).

Hunter Traits Guide

Once a hunter reincarnates they receive Trait Points. Trait points can be used to learn one of four available traits. For hunters to learn traits, you must build an Academy. Tap a hunter to engage in a conversation to prompt them to learn a trait. (Learn>Trait) .Traits can be reset by using the Phoenix Feat.

Hunter Skills Guide

Hunters can learn skills from the Chief at the Academy. You can prompt a hunter to learn a skill by having a conversation with them. (Learn>Skills).

To learn a skill they must have enough gold. Hunters will use the skills they learn in the field automatically.

Hunter Conversing Guide

Tap the hunter on screen, or go into the Hunter List and tap the Info button to talk to a hunter. Chief can talk to a hunter to prompt a hunter to do certain actions.

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