Evermerge Guide:Best 7 Tips & Tricks, Strategy to level up fast

Evermerge is a brand new Puzzle game. In this guide, you will get Evermerge guide and tips with a few amazing strategies that make your game easier.

The Emerge is based on merging different items. In this game, you have a need to merging different items and make new items by merging. Each time, when you merge items, you will get a new item that is more bigger and rarer to making. So check out evermerge guide and tips that make your progress more faster and help you to level up in this game.

Best Evermerge Guide & Tips

Always focus on merge 5 item instead of 3

In the tutorial, you defiantly knew that you can merge 3 item and get one item. However, you also know that by merging five items, you will get 2 items. So this is one good deal.

I recommend you focus on merging 5 items instead of 3. Because This will save your time and as well as your resource. Also, As you earning Exp, you will automatically know which one better for you.

Sometimes, you have 4 same items, But I recommend you wait for a minute and look for another same item. Because pretense will give a lot in this game.

By doing more quest, you can earn more EXP

To level in the Evermerge, you have a good amount of EXP. There is many way to earn Exp in this game.

Such as whenever you merge items, you will get one EXP.

Unlock new characters by making item

There are many numbers of characters in the evermerge. But you have need to enough items to unlock these characters.

evermerge guide

Unlock new characters by making item

As you can see above image, I have the need to axe to unlock the character. So similarly, every character need specific special item. So if you want to unlock character then Focus on merging the same item. However, there is not any rule or trick to get one specific item more and more. It totally depends on your luck.

You can unlock new area by level up

To remove the fog area, you have the need to level up. Each area needs a specific level to unlock it. And you can level up by merging more items with each other. Once your level matches the number on the locks located along with the fog, the area will be able to be cleared up and you should be able to work on and in that area.

Keep completing new quest & daily missions

Daily mission is one amazing way to get more items and resources in the game. You will get a daily mission. You have to need to do these missions according to the given time period. By taping on the watch icon(below-left corner), you will get your daily mission.

Doing quest mission is one amazing way to get more EXP and as well level up in this game. You will get a quest list at the left side.

Feed your heroes with food

To feed to your heroes, you have need to food. To make your food, you have enough recipes. These recipes get by merging receipt item in the game. You can also get instant recipes by spending diamonds or gems.

By feeding heroes with food, you will get amazing rewards and as well as magical items. These rewards help you next mission or do other merging items.

Make sure to complete the recipes in order. These recipes will be highlighted in purple in the orders screen.

Use your all energy before going offline

This is my personal tip to all new players of evermerge. Energy is very useful to get items from the tree. You have need to cut trees. The worker will do this work for you.

Keep in mind that every 1.5 minutes, 1 energy is made. So energy production is continuing. When you offline and come back to the game, 84 energy already waiting for you. You can use this energy to cut another tree and get a new item.

But I recommend you to use all energy when you just online. Because when you offline, new energy already waiting for you. So it is the best strategy to use energy at the same time without wasting time.

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