Fully Guide & Tips on Earning!!

Eve Echoes : Fully Guide & Tips on Earning

In the universe of Eve Echoes at the moment there are many types of earnings game currency. The currency in this game is called ISK or suits. It is not so difficult to start earning even the newest players, but in order to reach heights in different directions, you need to choose your own path. So let’s look at some of them. Earnings are divided into several types:

  •  Farm anomalies and inquisition.
  •  Mining.
  • Transportation of goods.
  • Purchase sale.
  • Tasks.
  • Production.

Farm Anomalies and Inquisition

Farm anomalies are not such a simple matter, especially in zero sectors. The lower the security level of the system, the higher the level of anomalies. The second thing you should pay attention to is the main base, that is, “Base” and its level. The higher the level, the higher level anomalies, and inquisition will appear. In no case should the base be destroyed, but rather develop it in order to receive higher-level items (modules, rigs, wrecks). The third thing we pay attention to is the number of anomalies in this solar system. The more anomalies, the fewer people lived in this location.

For convenience, when farming anomalies, it is better to set up a local overview like this: By removing asteroids and asteroid clusters.

Eve Echoes earning guide

Having selected the anomaly and having welded into it at the distance of the optimal range of my missiles, I select the targets (Issue 1), turn away from the enemies (Issue 2), select the distant object (Issue 3), and click “Approach”. I do this in order to stay away from opponents and take less damage.

Having destroyed all the waves of enemies in the anomaly, debris remains from the ships, that is, “Wreck” (issue 1). They usually contain objects of 2 types: modules (issue 2) and the remains of ships (issue 3). If you need only certain items, then select with a tick and click “Loot” (issue 4). If you want to pick up all the modules, then just click “Loot”.

When farming anomalies, you are given an ISK for destroying ships. Every 20 minutes, you get Bounty Rewards or just a bounty. I fly on level 8-10 anomalies and get an average of 10-16 million ISK per hour in the form of a bounty, so just destroying the anomalies can make good money.

Eve Echoes earning guide


I destroy anomalies according to the principle: 1 small anomaly, 1 medium anomaly, and 1 large anomaly. If the system does not have large anomalies or medium ones, then I am moving in the same direction: 1 small and 2 large anomalies.

On average, after killing 3-9 anomalies, the Inquisition appears. The level of system security also affects the appearance of the Inquisition. Inquisition appears there more often. It happens when the players appeared on 2 or even 3 inquisitions in a row.

Eve Echoes earning guideEve Echoes earning guide

In this location, I destroyed 5 anomalies and as soon as I flew up to 6 anomalies, the Inquisition appeared. The lower the level of the Inquisition, the lower the likelihood of the appearance of factional (they are with the word “Elite”) ships.

Eve Echoes earning guide

The Inquisition consists of 3 parts, that is, the warp gate (issue 1). Having selected them, clicks “Activate”.

In the second part of the Inquisition, ships appear, we destroy them and, on the principle of the first gate, go to 3 parts. Do not forget to check the loot in the ships. Sometimes they contain simple, but expensive modules and parts of ships.

By destroying several waves of opponents in the anomalies, you can collect containers in which there are materials and drawings for the production of rigs.

Eve Echoes earning guide

If you have enough materials and have drawings, you can craft the rigs yourself. For example, the cost of the Auxiliary Thrusters II drawing is 1.8 million ISK.

The ready-made Auxiliary Thrusters II module costs already 11 million ISK. So you can produce not only ships but also rigs, which usually fly like hotcakes.

If you take this type of earnings, then with anomalies and inquisition, you can get several types of items:

If you take this type of earnings, then with anomalies and inquisition, you can get several types of items: Type 1 - conventional and fractional modules. Type 2 - the remains of ships and scrap metal. Type 3 - salvag materials. Type 4 - drawings.

  • Type 1 – conventional and fractional modules.
  • Type 2 – the remains of ships and scrap metal.
  • Type 3 – salvag materials. Type 4 – drawings.


Resource extraction is an integral part of the Eve Echoes economy. To start mining ore, special ships for this field of activity are best for you and you need to pump out certain skills.

Eve Echoes earning guide
eve echoes mining
  • Skills responsible for regular mining. Almost any ship can be equipped with Miner modules, but the frigates Venture, Venture II, and Venture III are best suited for them.
  • Skills responsible for point mining. Strip Miner modules are the best mining barges.

Eve Echoes earning guide

“Resource Processing” is directly responsible for the number of minerals obtained from ore that you mine from asteroids. By pumping these skills, you increase the percentage during processing.

Eve Echoes earning guide

  • Percentage equal to 54%
  • The amount of ore obtained during processing.

Let’s look at mining using the example of Venture III.

Eve Echoes earning guide

Main mining equipment: 3 MK7 Miner modules 2 rigs for production speed 1 Riga volume of production

There are 2 types of asteroid clusters:

  • Cluster – asteroids are scattered along one line.
  • Belt – asteroids are scattered in a circle.

The most profitable asteroids are Spodumain, Cronkite, and Gneiss. From them, you can get the maximum profit when processing ore into minerals, further sale or in the manufacture of ships and rigs.

As with anomalies and inquisition, there are rare types of asteroid clusters called “Condensed”.

Fully Guide & Tips on Earning!!
Condensed eve echoes

They contain “Compressed” asteroids, which bring quite good profits. When processing ore into minerals, you will get a large number of minerals, compared with conventional ore.

Cargo transportation

Cargo transportation or logistics is an integral part of the Eve Echoes economy. For the transportation of goods, you need ships with a large hold. There are 2 types of ships:

Eve Echoes earning guide
Cargo Hold Capacity – the volume of the cargo hold.
Eve Echoes earning guide
Delivery Hold Capacity – the volume of the transportation hold.

So, let’s try to transfer some cargo and consider delivery using an example:

Eve Echoes earning guide

By clicking on the “Request Shipping Container” we go to the “Confirm Delivery Route” menu.

Click on the big “+”, as shown in the selection and go to the list of available containers. Choose one of them and go to the next menu.

Eve Echoes earning guide

  1. The volume of cargo carried.
  2. Pledge for the transportation of this cargo.
  3. send a request.
  4. The delivery card for this cargo.

Click on “Send Request”. A deposit is debited from you and a container with cargo falls to your hangar. Do not forget that it must be transferred to the ship !!!

Eve Echoes earning guide

Purchase sale

This type of earnings is quite a profitable occupation. All you need is to buy cheaper and sell more expensive. For example:

I bought a little mineral “Pyrite” in the neighboring solar system at 5 ISK for 1 pc, that is, 2751 pieces for 13 755 ISK. Arriving at the mall in Jita, I went to the market to evaluate this item. Let’s look at the menu. We are interested in:

Purchase sale
  1. This is the name of the item you want to buy or sell.
  2. This is the price and quantity of the item at this station. Currently the most minimal.
  3. These are the lowest prices at which these minerals are sold.
  4. This is the sale tab. 
  5. This is the query tab.

Let’s go into it and see how much they buy this mineral.



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