Eve Echoes Best Guide ,Tips & Strategies To Play

Eve Echoes launched the beta version of the game. Eve Echoes come with so many inbuild game function. So most of the new players getting difficult to understand this mechanism and work of each one. So we are going to give a beginner guide for Eve Echoes.

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Eve Echoes Beginner Guide

Brief about Eve Echoes

Eve Echoes is essentially a sandbox MMORPG that’s set in space and gives you the tools to play the game. However, you want to remain to industry to small-scale PvP battles and large-scale battles that have never been so large in any other MMO game.

This game has developed a very dedicated player base that keeps the Eve galaxy busy – a complex network of player-owned corporations. Also, if you love playing games such as Second Galaxy then you may like this game.

Character Creation Guide

In the beginning, you’re offered a choice of four factions. The races have no real impact on your choice. None of them have that much of an impact over the other. For starting skills that you would normally gain can be retrained within the hour on the open beta.

List of Fraction

  • Amarr: The Amarra is a highly religious faction and shockingly accepting of slavery. But do not let this to tell you as they have some of the prettiest and most beautiful ships in the game.
  • Gallente: The Gallente is more of your socialist state, one the favors emigration. There’s some of the most outstanding leader, scientists, and businessmen in modern history. They also have one of the largest social standings in the game with many alliances with many races. But that is just from the law perspective. It has no bearing on the actual gameplay.
  • Caldari: These guys are a powerful corporate dictatorship. They’re ruthless and efficient both behind closed doors and on the battlefield.
  • Minmatar: They do have some of the most powerful PvP ships in EVE Online. These guys were founded on a great rebellion supported by the Gallente Federation and only a core of the Mehmet Oz actually live in the Republic.

Eve Echoes Beginner Guide

In EVE echoes, you don’t get to fully create your character. There is a refresh button that can change up what your characters look like, but they haven’t got a slider feature or any kind of change features at this moment.

Once you are satisfied with your character’s face, the next page is picking your character’s name. It shows you a little detail on the bloodline that you picked. Which is like picking a race within the faction and your identity number, which Nettie’s and CCP use to identify you as a player.

Eve Echoes User Interface Guide

When you tap on your right side button, you will get this pop-up screen on your left side.

Eve Echoes Beginner Guide

  1. Nearby: This tells you in order from closest to furthest what is around you.
  2. Celestial Body: It shows you all of the planets and the Sun of the system that you are in.
  3. Station: This shows you all of the Stations of the system you are in.
  4. Stargate: This shows you all of the stargates in your system. You use these to travel to the system that is named directly above the distance.
  5. Signal: These are the points in the system you are in that you can walk to. They can be NPC signals where you can wrap to Ernest by killing NPC ships. And asteroid belts, where you will primarily mine for resources to use in manufacturing.

The small number directly under the name of the signal denotes the level of the signal from one to ten. One being the easiest NPC signal and least abundant asteroid fields too. Ten being the hardest and with the rarest asteroid fields.

How to use the Station option & travel?

Click on one of the stations that you would like to travel to. In a new window will pop up doc is used only in the station option. This will allow you to walk to an instantly dock at the station.

A new window will pop up. Doc is used only in the station option. This will allow you to walk to an instantly dock at the station. The walk can be used in any of the options listed in this part of the Above UI image. You would not use this to travel for a long distance.

Once you have clicked on a dock bar and your ship will automatically jump and dock at the specified station.

The second way to travel in space

Another way to travel is to open a map which is the constellation icon to the right of your avatar photo. This form of traveling can be done automatically.No matter, how many jumps you need in order to reach your destination.

When you have the map window open, you can either search for the system you would like to head to manually or use the search button in the bottom left. Press where it says enter text and type in all or part of the system or station you are looking for. Click the confirm button and then after clicking the search button.

Planetary Production Guide

Planetary production is a form of passive resource gathering. You will use these resources in the manufacturing of blueprints or if you would like to use this to make a little passive income then you can sell these on the market.

Just have a search your local ITC or speak to your Corp, see which is needed and/or worth the most and this will help you decide which resources to mind.

To find out which resources you will need on your blueprint, just go into the industry. You will get below the image on your mobile screen.

Eve Echoes Beginner Guide

Once you click on the plus(+) sign, you will get the next new window on your screen which is to Start your manufacturing job window. At there, you can scroll through to find which ship you would like to manufacture and then Eve echoes there are a lot of them.

It takes some time to gather the resources needed. So do your research before picking which ship you would like to use.

Once you find your favorite ship, then you have to need to find your planet. You can find your planet in Planetary Production. It may take time. So just wait.

Once you have found the planet you are looking to click either the resource itself or click on place a development array.  Press the plus symbol to add a mining array. The more mining arrays you have, the greater the number of resources is gathered per hour.

You can do this on multiple resources. So if there is more than one that you need on a planet, feel free to do.

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