Era Origin Beginner’s Guide, Tips, Strategies

Era Origin is a brand new RPG game. In this article, You will get Era Origin guide, tips and best Strategies for game.

Era Origin is a new RPG game and it comes with amazing graphics and unique concept of game. You will get an Intriguing Story in this game. Also, get an Artistic map and scenes in this game.  360-degree views that provide unlimited exploration, blood-boiling combats and PvP arena, freewheeling cultivation system and efficient communication platform.

Ela Origin Guide & Tips


Revenant -Assassin

Revenant is one melee class that gives you very high DMG output and control abilities. It has high attack power but it requires is vulnerable to attack and has high operational skill requirements. It is good at assassination and stealth, able to approach opponents and kill them instantly.

Revenant -Ranger

Ranger class is one ranged class that gives your very high damage and explosive ability to fight against the enemy. This helps you to give enemy instance damage. This is the best class to fight in the arena and fight against bosses in the game. 

Terran -Mage

If you looking for a wide range of magic attack and shield abilities then this is one perfect class for you. Also, this class has amazing output capability and survivability which makes its more stong. But Is is slower then ranger class. So you can not use this one against bosses fight. However, it still excels in clearing out the mobs.

Terran -Swordsman

Terran -Swordsman is known for his good attack and defense ability, Also, he comes with amazing control ability. But he requires more gears. He does not have stealth skills like the assassin which makes him something weaker.

Vikings – Wolf Fighter

Vikings · Wolf Fighter class has very high def and control ability. Using this, you can take advantage deal with the enemy in the front row. But it has very very low DMG output.

Vikings -Dragon Summoner

Dragon Summoner has a very high DMG and Burst ability. Also, he uses an axe to his main attack skill. But he has weak survivability. So you have to need more gears to make him stronger in the game and arena fight.

Rune System Guide

Once you reached level 14, the rune will automatically be unlocked for you. Keep in mind that each skill has 7 runes. You can active it by engrave. There are total 4 skills, 28 runes and 1 legend skill which has 6 Ancient Legend Runes. 

Era Origin guide tips
Runes System

Also, Keep in mind that runes have two major functions. One for PVE and second is for PVP. If the player prefers PVP more, the player will pay more attention to upgrading Rune for PVP. Otherwise, the player can upgrade Rune for boating, and that’s not a bad idea either! Don’t forget that the Ancient Rune is more powerful.

You can easily upgrade your runes by spending golds and some other game’s material. Most of the new players in era origin game are confused about runes. But the main fact is that you just need to focus on either PVP or PVE. So choose only one to level up.

Gears Guide

Gears are very important to make your hero more powerful. So equip the right gear to him is important thing for everyone.

Gear Enhancement

Enhancing your gears is one common thing. This is one the easiest way to improve the character’s CP.

Always keep in mind, enhancing your gears is never an increase in the level of your hero. It just helps you to increases the character’s basic stat.

Gears Star Up

Gears star up is forming a bridge between earlier and later stages. It depends on your character level. As you have a higher level of character, you will get higher star rose. And as high star, it will unlock more slots for gears.

The main way to get gears in era origin is that Nimbus Exchange, Boss Loot, Time Realm events, and others.

Level Up Guide

The main story and dungeons are major ways to level up in the game. It will give you lots of EXP at an early stage. However, you can also level up by doing daily events. A daily event such as the Grimmos Temple, Dragon Shoal, Bounty Hunter, Archaeologist, Trial Ground, and other events.

Grimmos Temple Event

This event is based on the Dungeon. As more players in the game, you will get more EXP later. New players can team up with 4 players and take the fight against bosses in the game and get lots of EXP.

Keep in mind that never forget to use gold and diamond to buy EXP Buff & DMG Buff at starting. Only one player is enough to buy it and you all share it together later in the game.

Dragon Shoal

Dragon Shoal is one scarry place in the game. you might encounter rival players at any time. So it is good for you to always touch with your friends- team and play together.


The Archaeologist is another source for getting EXP in the Era Origin game. You can Complete 10 times daily for the quick upgrade. it is a good idea for new players.

Trial Ground

The trial ground is beginning the event to get EXP. The trial ground is refreshed every 30 min each day. You will get lots of exp and also Green gear. Green gear is a very important gear in the game which is the necessary material to star-up a gear.


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