Elune Game : Beginner Guide For Progress & Tips

Elune is one amazing Newly launched Action RPG Mobile game. In this guide, You will get some amazing Tips and advice on How To start Strong on Elune the New Action RPG Game.

Elune is 3D Based action RPG Game. Which is Developed by  GAMEVIL . There are so many heroes in the game. You could upgrade its and playing with them. Also game offer 7 Different map which available in Normal and Hard - Two mode. You could Reroll your heroes in Elune game.

Elune Beginner Game Guide

Unlike Most Gacha Games, this game is not about Collecting all SSR Heroes. in Elune. You Need a balanced team, It meaning you need to have a Hero of each class in order to clear content easily & compete nicely in PvP.

Map Mode

There are two type of Mode in the game. Normal Mode and Hard Mode.  You don't have to clear map 7 to do it.  Nobody in other games, you have to clear the normal Maps until the end.But I don't known why but Game is allow to direct go to map 7 which is hard mode.

So If you have finished your Map 1 which is Basic and Normal mode map, Then you could easily finish second one map. So all maps are arranged based on Difficulty.

Here, One Important part of Hard mode is Hard Quest. Hard Map quest is refresh every 8 Hour. And there are Two quest in one Chapter.

You have to do hard mode finish. Because it will give Affinity to you.

Obtain Debuffer Seed

So as you increasing Your Affinity level, you will amazing rewards from its.So this is very very important.

Second Reason is that You will get Pirates Quest. Which give you more skills scroll to you.

Third Reason is that You will get Recurring Rewards.  when you complete to a hundred NPC Quests, you get a free legendary six star a five star Wei Wei .This hero is free and very very important in the elune game.

Obtain Debuffer Seed

How To Upgrade Heroes

Yes, This is very very important to upgrade your characters or heroes with your levels. Because each upgrade give more power and energy and skills to your heroes. But How to Upgrade heroes in Elune game?

There are total two way or method for upgrading your heroes.

One Vertical way is show your Level or stars. It mean 1 star means Maximum level 10, 2 star mean maximum level 20 as continue. So This called Evolving in the Elune game.

Elune Beginner guide tips
Hero Level 4 Star = Max 40 Level , 5 Star = 50 Max Level

Now, You will get one Evolve button at Right Upper side of your mobile device. By press Evolve Button, You will get two type of Seed on your screen.

Elune Beginner guide tips
Evolve Button

First seed in Elune's Seed and Second is Debuffer Seed .First it is more a little bit easier to get it which requires for all classes and second seed is your class specific .

Elune Beginner guide tips

So this is one main reason for I suggest to you Never overlap your heroes based on classes. Because You will get Seed problem.

Obtain Elune's Seed

So first type of seed is relatively very easy to obtain it.

  • Scrapping Elunes
  • Rewards
  • Hard Quest Rewards
  • Events
  • Daily Login etc.

Obtain Debuffer Seed

The second seed only comes from a couple of Prizes which is your daily donor, Daily Battle , First clear rewards in map 6,7 8 etc. Also sometime, you could buy it from Diamonds or Gems.

Obtain Debuffer Seed

When your heroes reach max Level of Elune's Seed , It is time for Transcend. Transcend is Max Level of Elune's Seed level + 1 ,2, 3, 4, 5 .

More star heroes need more Debuffer Seed.

Obtain Debuffer Seed


Elune Traning

Elune Training is one second way to level up your heroes in game. The important part is at the bottom here training level, you will start at one and you have to upgrade to level 10 using GOLD. It's quite expensive the GOLD  but You will get in the game.

Also each level give you Exp Level per day. So this will help to you leveling your other heroes as well.


Fusion is automatically open when you will get High Level in the game.

Fusion Points

Fusion Points are very very important because there is a chance for you to get obtain a legendary hero.

Elune Beginner guide tips

Legendary Heroes are who have 3 star, 4 Star, 5 Star and 6 Star.But fusion rate of getting legendary  heroes is different for every server. It is depend on Region and server.

But when you fill out You epic fusion, It give guaranteed to get legendary  heroes. So this is one another reason for Farming in Hard mode.

Now Keep in mind, You can only Fuse same Rarity heroes. You can not fuse legendary   hero with epic heroes. Or Any other this type of combination.


Skills are very very important which  you obtained through your pirate runs where you randomly pops out from your adventures.

Skill Role and Skill Books are also very very important. You also combine useless book with each other and get new Epic book.

Yes,This is very very amazing feature of this game. Sometime, You could add book with useless book while fusing each other. To do it, you spend some gold too.

Just remember, Never Invest Fusion in useless heroes. So Invest your book for Epic book or Legendary book always.

Elune Game Tips

Upgrade Your Heroes

We strongly suggest every players to Upgrade your heroes. Because Upgrade will give more health, Power and stamina to your heroes. This power and health help to beat Hard Mode Quest in the game.

Try To Clear Hard Mode Quest

Yes, It is little hard to clear Hard Mode, But not impossible all time. Always try to clear hard mode. This is because, You will get more powerful and useful quest' items from hard mode. Also get other useful gold and ruby. Which all are very very important for game.

Map Tips

As said previous guide, Whenever you play first time game, never Go to Hard Mode map. Because this will break down your confidence and responsible for getting bored. So always keep going sequentially. It mean clear map 1 first then go to for 2, 3 etc.

Collect Rewards

Never forget to collecting your rewards. Yes, This habit will help to clear all stages in game. Because every rewards give your some important material which help you to upgrade your heroes or skills later in the game.

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