Elune : Best Reroll Guide

Elune is one amazing Newly launched Action RPG Mobile game.  Elune is 3D Based action RPG Game. Which is Developed by  GAMEVIL . When The world of multiple dimensions is in danger. The Elunes, with their strong sense of justice, set off on their quest across seven different dimensions to restore peace and order.So this is story based of this game.

In this game, You will get Dominate Battlefield for Battle, Boss and Heir Battle which are amazing fight, Summon over 200 Elunes of 5 different classes, and one epic journey based story.

How To ReRoll In Elune Game

Add Nickname

The first thing you want to do, when you first load up the game and get into it, It will ask you for a Nickname. Now, Here always keep in mind that your nickname cannot be changed if you go to delete your account later on if you don’t like your role. So always remember this thing before Add any name into that Box.

But You can by spending 100 gems, You will  get a new nickname. But spending gems in this worthless thing, I think It should be useless thing ever.

elune best reroll guide

Add Fake Nickname

Now I suggest you to add fake new name because In case, after you will not like your role in the game, then you can easily delete your account. But If you are not going for Rerolling then you should go with your real name.

After adding name, Press on Confirm button and you will get redirect main lobby.Now, Skip All Beginning story.

Get First Summon

First Summon is will be one single summon and you will get it free. You can get a five star legendary at-1 to 5. You’ll get your selective summons and you can only get 3 star legionaries from those. So you definitely want to prioritize, what legendary you favored over others and make sure you try and reroll for that at one too.

elune best reroll guide

Now Go To Summon and you can continue with it.

elune best reroll guide

Collect Free Summons

After getting good your favorite heroes, Finally You can Go with Guaranteed Select and Finally Your Reroll Process Done.

elune best reroll guide

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Very Useful Guide.. How to upgrade heroes?