Durango: Wild Lands Tips Guide and First Walkthrough

Durango Wild Lands is a Wild Life based Survival Game.This is also a multiplayer game.In which you can play online with other players.Apart from this, you can also create your own clan.That will help a lot to move your village forward.

The game has been launched in Play Store.You can download from here. 

First Walkthrough of Durango Wild Lands

After downloading and downloading the game, you will need to login to the game first.After login you will have to select your character.Game gives you the option of selecting too many characters.In which you can choose your character according to your favorite.Various characters such as Engineer Army Men Job Sikar Homemaker are included.

After selecting the character you can also customize it as well.You can customize the wardrobe, skin and everything else.After completing all this process you finally get into the game.

At the beginning of the game you are in a stupendous condition.One girl will come and stand you up.

When you stand for the first time, you feel weaknesses.To overcome this weakness, you will need to take a Survival Food from your bag.After taking this food your overall health will increase.Which will be very helpful in moving you forward..

Now the game has started here.You will need to follow the dog.This dogs will help you reach different destinations.As you continue, you will get instructions on your display.Keep all these instructions going away.So this OS a small introduction of Durango Wild Lands game.

Guide For Durango Wild Lands Game

Durango Wild Lands is Role playing survival game for android device.There are so many options in the game.Such as a skills,bag, friends, character etc.Now we are going to get full guide about Durango Wild Lands game..

Character Guide

Character option gives you information about your current character.In which you can get information about your characters such as Combat Power,Crafting Power and gathering power etc.You can also get info about your character past history such as maps and clan.

Skill Guide

Durango Wild Lands game gives you many different types of skill.Such as Melee Skill,Survival Skill,Gathering Skills,Ranged Skill,Defense Skill,Butchering Skill,Cooking Skill,Weapon skill,tailoring skill,construction skill,Farming Skill and process skill.All these different types of Skills are used in different places.You will get this information from the skill option.

Bag Guide

In the bag you can collect your belongings.The bag has a hundred capacity.So you can collect hundreds of different type of helpful things in it.Such as Survival Food,Tag,modern Banknote,Date etc.You can also get all the information about all the items in the bag.Such as the size of the item', in the name of the item, capicy of item and level of item.All this information will give you basic idea of which item to remove from the bag and what item you saved.You can save the item according to your own needs and you can delete whatever is not necessary.

Map Guide

The map shows your current position.By pressing the map button you will see the map options.This option gives you a lot of information such as a climate which give inf about your current climate.Current fatigue and fatigue change rate etc.You can also get info about your other players position,shelter which is your destination point and bonfire.That is why the map is very helpful in moving ahead in the game.

Task Guide

The Task option gives you information about Daily Task's Mission,Week's Task Mission,Your All Achievement,milestone,domain construction,Spring Event,The Old world .

Tips For Durango Wild Lands

Join Clan

You have got many benefits by join any clan.

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