Dragon Raja Pets Guide

Dragon Raja Pets Guide | How to get pets & skills?

There is a total of six types of different pets available in the dragon raja currently. You can unlock them one by one after reaching a certain level in the Dragon raja.

Dragon Raja Pets

On the pet screen, you can change the pet name. You can also see the rating of your pet. Pet stats can be converted to your own stats, but not 100% converted. It will only convert 10%, but it will increase more when your pet evolved.

dragon raja pets guide

Let’s, check what are the pets to unlock.

Adam: It’s like an egg and has a fire element skill this bad type is dark. There are two kinds of pets in the dragon raja. Light and dark.

Konni ski: he has water type skill you can buy him after reaching level 75.

Abyss Dragon: Obtainable from completing Night Watch or event for Cunha.

Kuma II: you can obtain him after reaching level 85 which can be bought at the shop.

ELISA: can be bought in a mysterious shop after reaching level 50.

I think the best pet for a tag type player is the abyss dragon because his skill has extra damage based on attack.

Evolution of Pets

How to level up evolution?” – This is another common question from players.

dragon raja pets guide

You need to feed your pet with nutrition bottle. On the lower right of the screen click the pet Bowl like on.

There are two types of pet food.

  1. The green bottle for the low experience.
  2. The purple bottle for the high experience.

Keep feeding your pe, until it reaches 60 growth rate to evolve from child to adult. Then 100 growth rate to reach the ultimate evolved form.

How to get pets food in the dragon raja?

You can get pet food from the following.

  • From the store where you can buy with diamonds.
  • From the secret key which you can obtain by doing the daily event.
  • From pet claw machine.

Evolving your pet will require you in evolution genes and Direction genes. You can purchase this at the shop or by doing the event.

Different slots in Dragon Raja

In the squad tab, you can put two pet one light and one dark only.

dragon raja pets guide

Putting your Penta squad will trigger the penultimate skill which come in handy.


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