Dragon Raja Gunslinger Guide

Dragon Raja Gunslinger Guide For Beginners

Are you looking for a guide on Dragon Raja Gunslinger? Check out Dragon Raja Gunslinger Guide For Beginners.

Gunslinger is a DPS class that focuses on AoE damage. Gunslinger class shoots from the long-range making it one of the easier classes to play.

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Dragon Raja Classes Guide
Gun Slinger

The gunslinger has High sustained damage with  Lots of AoE potential AND Ranged attacks. However, Weak at defense – main defense is dodging Requires good positioning, No map awareness will hurt.

The gunslinger has many abilities. Let check out each one ability of Gunslinger.

α particle canon: Expend all Energy to deal PDMG to up to 5 enemies in a straight line and inflicting Delay for 1.2 sec. 5% increased damage for every 1 Energy spent, up to a maximum of 500% Requires min 30 Energy, cannot use when Energy is low.

Best Talents set for the gunslinger

S talent: Infinite power which helps recharged more energy. Gamma chain talent which helps to Each Normal Attack crit reduces a-particle Cannon cooldown by 2 sec. Focused Bombardment talent which Orbital Bombardment hits 3, each hit dealing 80% damage with a 3-sec delay.

A Talent: gunslinger A talents are fragment mine, Concealment which helps you  Stealth Camouflage gain 6 f DMG Reduction.Sneak Attack When releasing a skill in Invisibility mode, the Unearth effect is triggered.

A Talent: Pulsing Wind-Wind Shot’s Wind Mark effect duration extended by 3 sec. Explosive Rounds in which  Pulse Bomb Energy cost becomes 60 and deals 150% damage and Electromagnetic Storm Each Tesla Solenoid discharge affects up to 3 targets.

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