Dragon Raja Assassin Class

Dragon Raja Assassin Class Guide – All about Assassin

Check out the full guide on Assassin Class for dragon raja. Guide with pros and cons. Assassin talent guide with a tier of talents.

Check out Dragon Raja Classes guide.

What is the Assassin class?

Assassin uses both melee and long-ranged attacks to do incredibly high burst damage, As expected from an assassin your defensive stats are not great making it a higher difficulty job to manage.

Dragon Raja Classes Guide

Assassin Class Pros

  • High Burst damage especially when enemies are low hp
  • very High damage with AoE
  • Switches between melee and range allowing you to adapt to situations (especially PVP)

Assassin Class Cons

  • Low hp, Low def + melee so squishy (can increase def stats to counter this) 
  • Requires a high level of skill to manage your positioning and use of skills to avoid enemy AoE

Abilities Guide

Crystal Coffin

Obsidian crystal shell protects against all damage and control effects but prevents movement and use of skills. Lasts 8 sec Crystal Coffin can be canceled at any time 40-sec cooldown.

Dark Rhapsody

Obsidian power drags nearby non-player targets to the epicenter. inflicting Slow 12-sec cooldown Drag skill button to choose cast target All fade into darkness, where real and ethereal are one.

Nocturne Luna

Throw a spinning blade that stays at the target location for 4 sec, dealing continuous MDMG to up to 5 enemies in its path. Explodes When time expires, dealing with heavy MDMG.

While skill is in effect, use Moon Shadow to teleport to the location of the blade. 20-sec cooldown Drag skill button to choose cast direction The bright moonlight shines quietly in a nocturne.

Blood Rage

It has special requirements. Enter a state of Blood Rage, during which the caster is immune to most control effects, gains +100% damage dealt, -50% damage received, and access to powerful Blood Rage Ultimates.

Multistrike: Earthquake Chance to trigger an earthquake on hit. Increase the Multistrike to increase the chance for the skill to trigger.

Obsidian Edge: Create a massive obsidian shard that tracks the target, dealing AOE MDMG If the target has Nether Mark, remove Nether Mark and deal an additional 50% damage and causing 2-sec delay 20-sec cooldown.

Prelude Dawn: Pulsating energy from the earth deals MDMG to the target and up to 5 nearby enemies 6-sec cooldown. A light pierces the veil of night.

Multistrike: Earthquake: Chance to trigger an earthquake on hit. Increase the Multistrike to increase the chance for the skill to trigger.

Shadow Dart: Throw 3 nether darts, dealing MDMG to enemies in their path and inflicting Nether Mark for 10 seconds 15-sec cooldown. Each normal attack hit in Shadow Form reduces cooldown by 0.3 sec.

Void Storm: Reseal dragon bone Void Eclipse. switching from Shadow Form Hunter attack and Dawn base are increased while in Hunter Form.

Talent Tier Guide

S Talent List

Last Waltz: When in Dark Shadow Form, targets that have 20% or lower HP are dealt with an additional DMG.

Death Aria: Obsidian Edge increases MDMG taken by the target by 25% for 5 sec. If the target has Nether Mark, Obsidian Edge will not remove the mark and resets Nether Mark remaining time to 10 sec.

Nibelungen Song: When in Dark Shadow Form, Multistrike: Earthquake will grant you with a shield that absorbs 3377 DMG. When in Hunter Form, Multistrike: Earthquake has a 20% chance of casting a Domain underneath the target and 8965 M.DMG.


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