Dragon Quest of the Stars

Dragon Quest of the Stars Guide, Tips & Strategies

Dragon Quest of the Stars is a brand new MMORPG game by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. In this article, you will get Dragon Quest of the Stars Guide and tips with few Strategies.

In this game, you have to need to discover whole words and collect coins, foods with taking battle with bosses and enemies.

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Dragon Quest of the Stars Guide & Tips

Start clearing advance stories

The best thing you can do starting out is to follow the story quests. Those will ensure your characters get some levels under their belt, as well as equipment and items.

Tap the Quests icon on your Home screen’s menu bar. This will give you a quest list. Choose Story to check your story progress. Pick a quest and embark on it.

Don’t forget to equip weapons and armor.

Weapons and armor won’t do anything just sitting in your inventory. When you get a more powerful piece of gear, tap Attributes on the Home screen, then tap Change equipment to swap it out.

You can change vocations anytime!

When you progress far enough in the story to reach Alltrades Abbey, you “II unlock the ability to change vocations. Have your three characters change from apprentice adventurer to warrior, priest, or something else more useful.

Dragon Quest of the Stars Guide

On the Horne screen, tap Attributes, then Change Vocation, and you can change vocations on the spot. When you go back to a previous vocation, you keep all Of the EXP and levels you had in it before.

Changing vocations has its perks! Apprentice adventurers (your starting vocation) are capped at Lv 20, but all other vocations can go as high as Lv 99. They also teach you handy vocation skill

Try to Visit some EXP-rich dungeons

Once you get past Alltrades Abbey. the monsters start growing more formidable. If you find yourself stuck, here are some suggestions for you.

If you find yourself unable to slay monsters, the first thing to do is level up. Doing this will give your stats a boost, keep your team leveled up.

Dragon Quest of the Stars Guide

Some event quests include dungeons that offer more experience than Story quests. Your best bet starting out is the Metal Door in the Key Dungeons area. Once your characters are at a higher level, try the Liquid Metal Door. There’s also the Alltrades Temple, which grants 5x experience to specific vocations.

Level Up your Equipment

The upgrade workshop in the Bushy Bazaar lets you upgrade weapons and armor. You can upgrade weapons with upgraders obtained on quests, or just use unwanted equipment. Low-rarity equipment makes for excellent upgrade material.

Dragon Quest of the Stars Guide


Do your Daily Quest & get rewards

Clearing Alltrades Abbey also unlocks daily quests. These are available once per day, and grant you upgrade orbs that you can use to upgrade your skills.

Each day of the week rewards you with a different type of upgrade orb, so don’t miss a day! The foes are weak enough that even the greenest apprentice adventurers can safely do these quests. The daily quests also reward you with Daily Quest Tickets.

These can be exchanged for handy items like Battle God equipment, upgraders. and more. Apprentice adventurers that don’t yet have a full set of Battle God equipment should find it quite useful. Each piece of equipment costs just one ticket, so the daily quests are an excellent way to get tickets and stockpile equipment you can easily evolve for a big boost.

You can spend Daily Quest Tickets by going to the Bushy Bazaar, visiting the buyback merchant and selecting Ticket Exchange.

Try out multiplayer mode

Once you progress past Alltrades Abbey in the story. you will unlock multiplayer, allowing you to quest together with friends and adventurers the world over.

In multiplayer, you can earn lots Of treasure chests when clearing quests, as well as earning gems for First Meeting Bonuses. What’s more, the first thirty days after unlocking multiplayer are treated as your beginner period. Your luck is increased and you can earn more treasure chests than usual.

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