Dragon quest of the stars advance

Dragon quest of the stars advance adventure guide & Tips

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Dragon quest of the stars advance guide

Aim for specialist vocation

As you level up your standard vocations like warrior and priest, you’ll be able to change vocations to specialist vocations. These specialist vocations build on the attributes of two standard vocations and provide more powerful vocation skills. Specialist vocations are the next step on the path to adventuring might.

Meet the level requirement

You must be at least level 50 in both of a specialist vocation’ s base standard vocations in order to change to a specialist vocation. For example, if you wish to become an armamentalist, you must be at least level 50 in both warrior and mage first.

Remember that you get vocation bonuses for leveling up your standard vocations past the requisite level.

Venture into the Alltrades Temple

The other requirement for specialist vocations is a scroll for that vocation. Scrolls can be obtained from the Alltrades Temple event quests These quests also provide plenty of EXP. so be sure to try them!

Dragon quest of the stars
Venture into the Alltrades Temple

Powerup your equipment

There are other ways to power up your equipment besides upgrading it at the Bushy Bazaar upgrade workshop.

evolve your equipment: Equipment has an upgrade cap that can be raised by evolving the equipment. Sometimes evolving weapons give you extra sub-skill slots, too.

Dragon quest of the stars

These allow you to set more skills in your weapons. Evolving equipment requires either equipment evolution jewels or multiples of the same equipment to use as evolution materials.

Customize your weapons skills

You can swap out the skills set in your weapon and set them in another weapon. Customize your skills to suit your fighting style.

Extract skills from weapons you’re not using:  Weapons have both main skills and sub-skills. Sub- skills can be freely extracted, and you can also extract the main skill if you don ‘t mind discarding the weapon.

If you have weapons that you ‘re not going to use, consider extracting the skills before selling them or using them as upgrade material.

When you take skills from weapons you’re not using, you can set them in the sub-skill slots of other weapons. It doesn’t cost anything, so play around with it and see what works for you.

Keep in mind that Skills aren’t all about potency. It’s always good to throw in some skills with short CTS for flexibility!

Don’t forget to upgrade equipment skills!

You can upgrade skills on weapons and armor at the upgrade workshop to improve their effects. You can use upgrade orbs as materials, and for weapons, you can use multiples of the skill you want to upgrade.

When upgrading or evolving equipment, you can also evolve the equipment’s main skill if you use a piece of equipment with the same main skill as the one you’re powering up. Rem ember that equipment Of different rarities can have the same skills.

Always keep in mind that It’s important to improve skills with upgrading and evolution, especially for armor.

Collecting upgrade materials and upgraders

There are ways to collect upgraders and equipment evolution jewels for weapons and armor, as well as upgrade orbs for upgrading skills.

The Upgrade Door key dungeon gives you options for gathering different materials quickly and efficiently. When you want to gather upgraders, enter the Slumbering Treasure Ruins tier that fits your level. If you want to upgrade orbs, the most efficient way to get them is to enter whichever dungeon matches the type of skill you want to upgrade, such as attack abilities or support spells. You can also get lots Of materials from the limited- time Upgrade Hallway event when it’s available.

Collecting equipment evolution jewels Equipment

Evolution jewels can be obtained from the Bushy Bazaar buyback merchant’s Bushy Bazaar Point Exchange. You can also get them from some events as rare rewards. These don’t come along nearly as often as upgraders and upgrade orbs, so don’t miss a chance to get them.

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