Dragon Heroes Tactics Guide & Tips to win more battle

 Dragon Heroes Tactics Strategy game by Perplelab, Inc. In this article, you will get a beginner guide and tips for Dragon Heroes Tactics to win more battle in the game.

Dragon Heroes Tactics Guide & Tips

Understand playing more and playing in each

There are three modes in Dragon Heroes Tactics.

Scenario Mode: In this mode, you can embark on an adventure in the world of Dragon Heroes Tactics. You can get Gold, Rubies, Hero XP, Victory Crates, Stars, or Runes as rewards for clearing each stage.

Battleground Mode and Challenge Mode unlock when you clear Stage 1-10 in Scenario Mode. Scenario Mode is desi need to prepare players for Battleground and Challenge Mode.

Enhance your deck with the rewards from Scenario Mode to achieve victory in Battleground and Challenge Mode!

Battleground: In this mode, you can fight other players. You can get Ladder Points as well as Victory Crates, Gold, and Stars as loot by winning in Battleground (you will not be able to receive more Victory Crates if {ou already hold the maximum amount).

Defeats in Battleground result in a loss in Ladder Points, but you can still receive Stars depending on the number of enemies you defeated in the battle (2 Stars for defeating 5-7 enemies, 1 Star for defeating 2-4 enemies, and O Stars for defeating 1 or no enemies).

Challenge Mode: In this mode, you can play Challenge Events and the Infinite Tower.

The Challenge Event is a regular, time-limited event. The basic combat rules are the same as those of Battleground, but each event has a special rule. For example, in a 3-Kill Challenge Event, the player who first scores 3 hero kills wins.

In a Challenge Event, you get a reward for the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th victories. When you attain the 12th win, you get a Dragon Emblem and the challenge ends. The challenge will also end if you lose 3 times before attaining 12 victories. Rubies can be spent to gain more challenge tries after 3 losses. When retrying, your win count remains and only your loss count is reset.

Complete daily quests and get more rewards

Quests are a type of mission that players can do throughout the game. Once you complete a quest, a slot will automatically be freed, and you will receive another random quest after 36 hours.

If you get a quest you don’t like, you can change it out one time for free. Once you change out a quest, then you will get another free chance to get a different quest in 24 hours.

If you want to get a different quest before those 24 hours are over, then you can use Rubies. If you change out a quest with Rubies, the time until the next free change out is not affected. For example, le, if 10 hours have passed since the last free quest change, and you used Rubies for to get a different quest, you will still get another free chance After 14 hours.

Dragon Heroes Tactics Guide

When you complete a quest, you get Gold and Quest Points as a reward. Once you have a certain amount Of Quest Points, you can exchange them f or a Quest Point Crate, which contains an even bigger reward. Complete quests to receive even great rewards!

Try to understand each  hero and his skills

The heroes in Dragon Heroes Tactics are divided into 4 grades.

Dragon Heroes Tactics Guide
Try to understand each  hero and his skills

Each grade has different stats. The level upon initial acquisition is also different; Silver grade heroes start at level 1, Gold heroes at level 3, Magic hero es at level 5, while Legendary heroes start at level 7.

However, just because a hero is of a lower grade does not mean they are weaker than a higher grade hero. Each hero has their own unique skill, and, depending on the battle, a Silver grade hero placed in the right deck can be more useful than a Legendary grade hero.

Furthermore, Silver and Gold grade heroes can be earned much more frequently than Magic or Legendary rade heroes, making it easier to quickly upgrade rower grade heroes.

Heroes Types: The heroes in Dragon Heroes Tactics are into 4 types.

Balanced: A hero type whose attack and defense abilities are balanced.

DPS: A hero specialized in attacking. The skills of this hero type usually deal powerful damage to the enemy.

Tank: A hero specialized in defense with high HP. This hero type also has skills that are useful for defense.

Support: A hero who supports allies with various support skills. This hero type has low er HP than the other types and requires s protection.

Hero Skills: There are a=many different skills for each hero. Understand each one skill.

Basic Skills: When it is your turn to attack, an icon appears next to the hero whose turn it is. If you touch the icon on the left, you can use their basic skills. Using basic skills consumes one turn and then it becomes the opponent’s turn.

Special Skill: These skills are more powerful than basic skills and have special abilities. To use a special skill, the special skill gauge must be at 100% or higher.

The gauge for the special skill fills when the skill is used, when you take damage, and each time you die. If you use a special skill, the special skill gauge is fully depleted. There is a cooldown for using special skills. Even if your special skill gauge has refilled, you can not use it if the cooldown is still running.

Sub-Skill: When a hero reaches level 6, 11, and 15, they lea m one new sub-skill. Sub-skills are different from basic and special skills. They are passive skills that are always applied even if they are not used. Sub-skills enhance the hero’s stats or make basic or special skills strong sub-skill that heroes learn at level 15 is the strongest of them all!

Try to enhancing your heroes

Equipping runes enhances your heroes’ stats. Run es come in Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. You can equip 7 shards for each type.

Dragon Heroes Tactics Guide

The rune’s color determines the type of heroes it can be applied to. Red Runes apply to DPS heroes, Blue Runes to tank heroes, Yellow Runes to balanced heroes, and Green Runes to support heroes.

There are three Rune options. 

Main Options: The most basic options. Each Rune has 1 main option. Among the 7 Rune Shards, 3 increases Attack Power and 4 increases HP.

Sub Options: An option with a special ability. Each Rune has 1 sub-option. Apart from stat increase, they also have effects that are activated under specific circumstances.

Legendary Options: A powerful sub-option that can only be bestowed ed to Legendary Runes. It is essentially an enhanced version of sub-options.

Dismantling Runes yields Enhancement Stones of the same color. When enhancing Runes, you need Enhancement Stones Of the same color as the Rune.

Enhancing Runes increases all option effects. However, the enhancement success rate decreases slightly from +6 enhancement. All Runes can be enhanced up to +15. The exception is Legendary Runes, which does not have an enhancement limit. In other words, it can be enhanced infinitely! But from +16, failing the enhancement can lead to the enhancement level decreasing, or even the destruction of the Rune! Beware when enhancing a Legendary Rune to a higher grade.

Legendary Runes can transfer their options. Thes e transfers are possible between Legendary Rune s Of the same color and shape. Either a sub-option n or a legendary option can be transferred. You need a material Legendary Rune and Gold for the transfer.

The Runes used as materials disappear, and the original option of the Rune that is receiving the transfer will be replaced with the transferred option. If you’ve transferred a sub-option, a sub-option will be replaced, and if you transferred a legendary option, a legendary option will be replaced. Use the transfer wisely to gain even more powerful enhancements. However, think carefully before proceeding with the transfer, as the material Rune and the original option will disappear.

Understand more combat formation to win the battle

As long as there are no special targeting rules, the heroes will target the closest opponent (in front) Who is in the same column (vertical) as them. The enemy acts in the same way, so place heroes with great defensive abilities in the front. Make sure that you put them on the topmost part Of the formation so that you’ll be able to withstand the opponent’s attack better.

Dragon Heroes Tactics Guide

Since DPS and support heroes have lower defense, put them in the back to protect them. On the other hand, there are heroes who can attack targets in the back first or heroes who can target special types first, regardless Of the formation. Utilize these heroes and formations well to achieve victory.

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