Dragon Champions Beginner’s Guide & Tips

Dragon Champion is the brand new strategy-based game. In this article, you will get Dragon Champions beginner’s guide to starting with powerful and tips to do better performance in the game.

If you are looking for a Tier list of heroes, then you can check the Tier list of Dragon Champions. Which helps you to choose your heroes in the late game.

Starting Guide

When you start the game first time, you will get four starting characters – heroes. Which are Darian – Tank, Sharp – Damage dealer, Alyria – healer, Fao – Damage dealer.  Also, You will be able to unlock new for the order to the new faction. The master duo which you will be getting by doing mission.

However, you can also purchase freezard by purchasing the pack. If you don’t want to spend money then it totally depends on your self. But if you are want to spend money in the game, then I highly recommend you to purchase freezard.

The Freezard is one amazing strong character in the game which has the ability to put up lots of debuffs and also having cheats death ability. So if you want to get this freezard, I recommend you to purchase it. Otherwise, Master Duo is already pending.

These are five starting characters, All good expect sharp. I recommend you to read out our Tier List for all character which help you to understand more about all other characters.


There are several different types of currencies are available in the game. In the top right corner, you have your energy which you can use your premium currency to buy to get refreshes, additional auto-battle tickets.

The second is Gold.  By clicking on Gold Currency, you can buy chests for 300 of the currency and you can get upwards of 3 million from a chest. only do this if you are sure on gold and you have plenty of coins to spend. you will be able to get some keys there and there that will give you free golden chests as well.

Then to the left of that, you have your premium currency. In this, you can buy your game currency by spending real currency in the game. The rate of exchange is vary according to country.


Once, you reached level 20 in the game, The Guild feature will be unlocked. In the guild, it is a group of 25 players. In which you can play together and do better performance and help each other to do other tasks and supporting each other. So once you reach level 20, It is a good thing that joins Powerful Guild according to your ranking and performance.

Also, Keep in mind that there is another benefit of joining the guild. After joining the guild, you can get up to 8000 raid energy per day by spending campaign energy in your guild.

Also, you can do a guild quest and get other rewards from the game. So complete your daily quest after once join the guild. 

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Alan Kelly
Alan Kelly
6 months ago

Thank you for the tips. I like the game so far and was wondering how to best go about it early. Being a gamer, I like to seek what’s good and bad in any game before investing any money…thanks again.