Disney Twisted-Wonderland

Disney Twisted-Wonderland Reroll Guide & Gacha Raritiy

Disney Twisted-Wonderland Support rerolling to get the best gacha in the game. Check out the full guide on how to reroll in the Disney Twisted-Wonderland game.

This work requires a long reroll time (tutorial) and is not very efficient. Pre-registration rewards cannot be received immediately, but there is an option not to reroll, as favorite characters can be acquired with the confirmation. The detailed reroll method is introduced in the ” Efficient rerolling method ” in the article.

Pre Registration Rewards

After completing the tutorial, Twist will be able to acquire magical keys used in gacha (summoning) and star fragments to recover AP. In addition, the magical key of blessing can summon your favorite SR character, so you can start the game with your favorite character. As will be described later, this work will be distributed the following pre-registration reward later. Since it can not be used in Lisemara, let’s use the magic stone that you have from the beginning.

Pre Registration Rewards List
  • 150,000 Achievement Reward: Set of 3 lesson items
  • 300,000 achievement reward: Magical key (x3)
  • 500,000 achievement reward: Star Fragment L (x5)
  • 750,000 achievement reward: Magical key (x 10)
  • 1 Million Achievement Reward: Magical Key of Blessing (the item that can summon your favorite SR once)
  •  1.1 Million Achievement Reward: Magical Key, 3 Class Item Set
  •  1.2 Million Achievement Reward: Magical Key, Star Fragment L (x 5)
  •  1.3 million achievement reward: Magical key, 3 class item set
  •  1.4 Million Achievement Reward: Magical Key, Fragment of Star L (x5)
  •  1.5 Million Achievement Reward: Magical Key, 3 Class Item Set

Disney Twisted-Wonderland  gacha emission probability

Rare Provisional Ratio
SSR 1.5%
SR 15%
R 83.5%

Disney Twisted-Wonderland has attributes set for their skills, so characters with various attributes are highly versatile. In addition, each character has a “Buddy Bonus” that can enhance the card effect when knitted together in a battle Party formation based on these will be the point of game capture.

It is recommended that you carefully check the effect of the character you are pushing and aim for a character that is compatible with that character in reroll.

In addition, the attribute of this work is a total of 4 types of 3 freezing of fire, water, and wood + no attribute. Although it can be said that non-attribute is highly versatile, it is not necessary to be conscious of it.

Disney Twisted-Wonderland Guide

Below the step for how to rerolling in the Disney Twisted-Wonderland.

  • Install game and download additional data.
  • Start your Battle tutorial.
  • Clear tutorial.
  • Start to draw gacha

Disney Twisted-Wonderland game app size: 165.3MB (772.16MB while downloading) After installing the app enter the player name and hero’s name to start the game.

Twisted Names can be duplicated and can be changed later, so you can use any suitable name when you are in rerolling.

Movies and stories can be skipped from the top right of the screen, so take advantage of them. After that, you can select your favorite dormitory and character. (You can get the SR of the selected character). After selecting the character, it will be a battle tutorial, and let’s proceed with reroll efficiently using the double speed/auto function.

Note that the Disney Twisted-Wonderland tutorial cannot be interrupted on the way. By the way, the tutorial of the rhythm game can be advanced even if left unattended.

After clearing Prologue 7, you can draw the 10-gauge tutorial (MIRROR). Since the contents are random, this is the first reroll point (1 SSR + 2 SRS confirmed).

This gacha is a ” redraw gacha” that can be redrawn, so let’s redraw until your favorite character is hit

Disney Twisted-Wonderland gacha is divided into pickup summon gacha and normal summon gacha. Single-shot gacha requires 30 magic stones, and 10 consecutive gachas requires 300 magic stones.

As of March 18th (release date), you have 110 magic stones, so you can pull out three times.If you hit your favorite character in the redraw gacha, aim for even more favorite characters with a single shot gacha_

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