Disney Mirrorvers guide tips

Disney Mirrorverse: Beginner’s Guide & Tips For New Players

Disney Mirrorverse is a brand new  MMORPG game from Kabam Games, Inc. The game is based on a Turn-based system. Checkout guide on Disney Mirrorverse game and best tips to get progress faster in this game.

Disney Mirrorverse: Beginner’s Guide & Tips For New Players

Focus on Save your money

When you start playing the Disney Mirrorverse game, it’s very tempting to level every single talent and rank up every new character as soon as you can. but this can lead to your progress becoming incredibly stifled towards the end of the first act. The best strategy for spending gold right now is for leveling up the key talents only. On your three first focused characters, but more specifically save that gold for ranking them up.

This is because of the increase in cost for ranking a character up increases exponentially as you progress through the game.

For Ex., rank two to three for will set you back a cool fifteen thousand gold. But from rank three to four will set you back a whopping 100,000 gold. Given how scarce gold is in the early game. This is definitely a currency you want to save for a rainy day.

Save Mana point by making own strategy

In the tutorial, you’re shown how to counter a character of a certain type during their special ability by using a character of the same type and color. Also, hitting their special ability at the same time.

This stuns the target and gives you time to strike them. But the downside is that to do this, you have to spend precious mana points for this opportunity and this can drastically reduce your offensive and healing output.

Most of the special abilities in the game are very easy to avoid. Simply by dashing away from the highlighted area in time. This meaning you can avoid taking this damage and still have plenty of mana to take down your target.

There are some characters and however where this cannot be done. Such as Maleficent, who hits all enemies with her special and these should be counted instead. Ideally you would want to take characters at the same type that you need to counter with but using the lowest mana cost per counter instead.

Spends your all orbs very wisely

Orbs are the premium currency of the Disney Mirrorverse game.It can be purchased for real money, but can be farmed free-to-play by completing the story and shorttime events within the game.

Disney Mirrorverse orbs
Disney Mirrorverse orbs

For free-to-play, especially it’s important to know where to spend these and what will give you the best return for your investment. Especially in the beginning stages of the game.

In those early stages, the most effective way to spend these orbs is to buy additional energy. This means that once you run out instead of having to wait several hours to play the game, again you can keep progressing straight away. These are relatively inexpensive and can really help you gain a lot of headway through the story.

Once you have a few levels under your belt(normally around level 10 OR more). This changes to wanting to pick the character shards from the store for the three characters. Those you intend on using for the time being and keep doing that until you can get that character to 75 shards.

The reason for this is when a guardian gets to 75 shards, you can unlock that character’s Mirrorverse talents these are usually the most powerful passive ability upgrade each character has and makes them significantly more effective in combat.

Once you have done this for all three of your main characters, Then you intend on using you can then start doing the same process for any new characters you unlock or you can simply save them for a rainy day.

The faster you reach a Guardians Mirrorverse Talent, the faster you will start racing through this game.

Make your powerful team by three characters

In the early game, the most efficient way to spend your resources early on is to choose three characters early. Also, stick with them to get you through the story. The great news here is that one of the early combos of character seems to be quite effective all the way through. The first act even through the heart event currently available in the game.

Skully is the first tank you will gett. He is by far also the best his ability to knock back all characters around him with the chance of stunning. Also, while gaining armor at the same time makes him a very effective option to keep the focus of your enemies away from your healer and damaged.

Bell is gonna be the first healer support character the you unlock. He is also currently the best in class. They’re also her heels and ability to increase armor.As well as giving a large focus buff to all of your team, when she unlocks her mirrorverse talent makes her incredibly effective at keeping your team alive.

Buzz Lightyear is also usually the first range character you unlock. He is the best if not second best range damage dealer in the game right no. Hitting armored targets from range and breaking their armor allows buzz to stack up huge amounts of focus. This meaning he can critically hit very frequently.

This team is also one of the easiest to use. This is because you can simply use Sully to move the enemy around with aggro and let the range characters do their thing from a safe distance.

If you want to try something different, however currently the best characters per class are Sully for tanks, maleficent or buzz for ranged scarf and melee and belle for heals.

Check out store daily

Many games on mobile these days have heavy payrolls and getting something for nothing is very rare.

In Disney Mirrorverse, however it’s important to make sure that you check back in your store multiple times per day and  checking for a free store refresh,

Disney Mirrorvers guide tips

You see every time you refresh that store, there is a chance that you will contain several items or even shards for zero-cost. This is right folks free stuff, if you have a few orbs and a low on patience. You can refresh the store for a very cheap 5 orbs, but this isn’t necessary as the store does reset quite a few times per day. Also, you are better off saving these as we talked about during one of the earlier tips.

Tap Control is very important

When you see Disney Mirrorverse gameplay for the first time, it can look like a hectic chaotic mess.But when you understand the subtleties of controlling the team, it makes much more sense.

You see, tapping on the character’s portrait while in combat, will select a primary Guardian. It means that when you tap once on the screen only that guardian will move or attack.

When you double tap on the screen however, all characters will move or attack at that location. This is important to know, especially when using a tank character to position them in a way, that will make most of the enemies hit the target that you want them to hit. Rather than firing damage at your softer targets.

This is because of a mechanic which in many games is called aggro. In other words, enemies will usually hit the character closest to them or the one doing the most damage to them.

Moving your tank into the middle of a pack of enemies is usually the best choice. Especially for skully. as you can then potentially stun their entire team with one special while your damage dealers tear them apart.

Some characters however will gain aggro on a random target. You may need to keep running away to stay alive as well. Taking control the right character at the right time is key to using minimal heals during combat. This meaning you can get further through the game much faster.

Complete your Daily Quest

The last thing you want to happen with any rewards you reap in the mirror verse is to have them disappear on you. You see your character can only hold on to a specific amount of items at any given time.

You receive from the daily quests. This a very good example, you see these dailies is something you want to do every single day to stop all gems. so when you have enough gold to rank a character or a talent up

Disney Mirrorvers guide tips
Complete your Daily Quest

The problem is once your inventory is full, a countdown will begin showing you that if you don’t claim this extra resource before the timer runs out. It will disappear forever.

So make sure after finishing the dailies every day, you check your stash to see what may run out soon. This way, you can be sure you’ll never waste any of your precious resources.

Make your own spending strategy

While it’s easy to progress through the game as a non spender. There are certainly some items that are better than others. For those. that don’t mind splashing a little bit of their hard-earned cash on in-game items.Disney Mirrorvers guide tips

The best packs at the moment of those that have gold. In them as that resource is by far the least common for free-to-play right now. It can really take your characters forward in leaps and bounds.

if packs do come up, they contain crystals, instead it appears that the premium crystals are so far the best value for most players in the early game.

However there are an element of RNG involved. If you’d prefer to have targeted progression to live like the characters that you want to take up,  perhaps buying orbs and then waiting for those characters to show up in the store and buying them that way would be a better way to go as well. That way, you can buy specific talents for the characters that you are also using now.

Later in the game, however it seems that the talent crystals may be better to help level up. To find those rarer talents which don’t seem to appear in the store as frequently.

Each chapter has multiple rewards

The story in Disney Mirrorverse like many games gets progressively harder as you go along.

Disney Mirrorvers guide tips
Disney Mirrorvers story

By choosing the order in which you do these events, you can flatten this difficulty curve by maximizing the rewards versus the difficulty of each chapter.

You see each chapter has multiple rewards. One for the first time clearing each section or each quest.  Another for fully exploring and collecting all of the stars within not only each quest, but also each individual chapter.

The best way to level up fast is to do all the quests once. only first until the chapter is completed. always selecting the lane with the lowest difficulty. So you can collect the first-time rewards. Then before going into the next chapter go back to the start of that area and replay each mission until you have found all of the stars for that entire chapter. Then you will get the exploration rewards, which have a massive amount of resources usually, when you have gotten every single star.


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