Digimon ReArise Skill Guide and Level Up Tips

In the Digimon ReArise, each Digimon comes with default skill. In this article, you will get How to level up the skill of Digimon and Guide about skill and use of its.

If you are new in the Digimon ReArise, I recommend first Go for Reroll. Because Reroll helps you to get the best Digimon at starting of the game. Check out Our Reroll Tier list for Digimon ReArise.

You can also check our Best Stornegst Digimon List in Digimon ReArise.

Brief About Skills

There is main two major skill. Main skill and Passive skill. Both skills are very very important for Digimon in the game. Keep in mind that passive skills always activated while playing the game. You can only level up main skills and sub-skill.

It is very important to level up your main skill and its sub-skill. Because leveling up to make your skill more effectively and its uses to be to win the battle easier.

The maximum level of main skill is up to level 10. You can not level up any main skill once it reached level 10. However, the upper limit for raising the skill level is determined by the generation, so it is necessary to develop the final evolutionary form (complete or final) of the Digimon in order to increase it to the maximum level.

Level Up Guide

There are many ways to level up your Digimon in the game. Such as By doing fusing, specific level up, and by bits.

Level Up By do Fusing

Most of the players are using this method to level up Digimon in the game. Because it is simple and beneficial. In this method, you need to merge the same Digimon with this evolutionary lineage, you can increase the skill level of the Digimon (base Digimon) you want to ig.

Level Up Any Specific Skill

Just go to the training section and choose the option ” Skill level up “. Select any base Digimon which you want to level up. After selecting the Digimon, Choose a Digimon that can be a mix of the same developer lineup (automatically listed).

The Digimon will disappear if you make it a fusion material, so be very careful when choosing.

There are a few important notes which you need to keep in mind while leveling up or fuse Digimon in the game.

  • You can not level up a passive skill, you need to evolve to do it. You can only level up either main skills or the sub-skill.
  • The Digimon used for Fusion will disappear. However, since that plug-in has returned to the original, it does not need to be changed.
  • You can not merge Digimon which generation is higher than base Digimon.

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8 months ago

Why can I not fuse my veedramon with a veemon? I put a Biyomon into a birdramon without a problem. I checked and they have the same digi line and brave personality.

Reply to  Rell
8 months ago

they have to be the same Personality also (colour of the inner part of icon and on their profile), it took me too long to figure this out