Digimon ReArise Plugin – Guide, Tips

Plugins help you boost your Digimon Base Stats. In this article. you will get all about Plugin, Special Plugin and guide to special plugin and some few tips.

If you are new in the Digimon ReArise, I recommend first Go for Reroll. Because Reroll helps you to get the best Digimon at starting of the game. Check out Our Reroll Tier list for Digimon ReArise.

You can also check our Best Stornegst Digimon List in Digimon ReArise. Also, Check the PVP Battle Park guide which helps you guide in the battle park.

There are mainly three types of plugins in the Digimon ReArise game. Defense Plugin, Special Plugin, and Attack Plugin. These all help you to boost Digimon Stats’s power. Each has its own work and power. So according to need, you have to choose your own plugin and equip it in any specific Digimon in the game.

Digimon ReArise Plugin

Special Plugin

The special effects plug-in is a plugin that shows its true value when set by a particular Digimon. You will get special plugin from CB Shops.

The special effects plugins can be equipped as long as individuality is similar to a certain Digimon, but at that point, the dimension is equivalent to a rare 2.Players whose main support is the rare 1 or 2 plugin, are worthwhile to exchange even if they don’t train specific Digimon.

Defense Plugin

Defense plugin helps you to increase the overall survivability of your Digimon. It makes your Digimon more survival in the game. If you want to make your Digimon more survival in the game, then It better to equip the best defense plugin to your Digimon in the game.

These Plugins increasing your Digimon overall Health power (HP) and stat rate in the game.

Attack Plugin

Generally, the Attack plugin helps increase Digimon’s PWR and TEC power.

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