Digimon ReArise Battle Park Guide, Tips, Strategy

Are you looking for the best tips and strategy for Digimon ReArise Battle Park? In this article, You will get the best tips and strategy for Digimon ReArise Battle Park.

If you are new in the Digimon ReArise, I recommend first Go for Reroll. Because Reroll helps you to get the best Digimon at starting of the game. Check out Our Reroll Tier list for Digimon ReArise.

You can also check our Best Stornegst Digimon List in Digimon ReArise.

Battle Park

Battle Park is an area where you fight other Tamers. BP points will increase or decrease depending on the outcome of the battle, and rank will be determined by the number of points earned. The rank is divided by season, and you can get the De Gilby and BP medals according to the rank you received on the last day of the season.

Unlike normal battles, it is not possible to provide instructions such as activation skills. In addition, it is related to Digimon’s SPD (speed) whether you can take the first step, and attack as fast as you can.

Using the Trend function, you can check out the Digimon that was used frequently in previous seasons. You can only check the previous seasons for the game.


In Battle Park, it is very effective to give an unusual position to prevent an opponent’s Digimon movement. From there, the number of moves increases and the damage done to the enemies decreases, so that you can take advantage of them.

There are five types of abnormal conditions that can stop movement: sleep, electric shock, paralysis, stun and freezing. However, if you want to attack indirectly, there are four types of cooling as you move the enemy. Stop by if you can not deal with the damage.

Darkness” is an unusual condition that greatly reduces accuracy. Although it does not block movement, there is also a high probability that the enemy will lose attack or skills. By writing a “skill seal” against a gaining party based on the influence of unusual positioning skills, it is possible to seal powerful winning tactics.

Increase Your Block Rate

If you can block enemy attacks, you can cut the damage in half. If the number of blocks increases, you can continue the attack for a long time and as a result, you win the battle park.

Block rates can be increased through integrated skills and plug-ins, so teams that have endurance problems should include the benefits of increased block rates.

If you maintain the blockchain block rate, the damage is likely to be reduced by half, so that you do not cause damage. Lowering the enemy’s block rate will increase the damage efficiency here, so it will be easier if you have a Digimon with passive block rate reductions to deal with the damage.

Digimon cannot attack in an inappropriate state like Mahi, so he attacks indirectly. However, if you are in an abnormal state, it is possible to cause a certain amount of damage each time you act like a burn or bugs. Even if you are unable to work, hunt the enemy.

Enhance Digimon

In addition to Digimon enhancements, it is also important to enhance with plugins. The special “Gold Frame” special plugin, which typically has the highest level of rarity, is a point that can be easily distinguished based on whether it has resistance as it simultaneously improves resistance to unusual situations and parameters. Can. General Chat Chat Lounge When you have a certain number of Digimon’s on hand, draw a “plugin block” with Digilby and aim for a powerful gold-frame plugin.

Best Digimon for Battle Park

In the current environment, abnormalities such as paralysis and electric shock are usually counteracted by passive or plugins. On top of that, we have organized a very durable Digimon, which makes it difficult to damage. Therefore, burns, bugs and toxic disorders are in the spotlight. Organize the Digimon with the skill to deal with slip damage and slowly reduce the HP of the enemy Digimon.

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