DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review | 60% Gaming Keyboard

DIERYA Mechanical Keyboard

45 $



Wireless and Wired Both


Mechanical Keyboard!



  • Wireless and Wired Both
  • Bluetooth
  • Support Android & IOS


  • Small Size

I am coming with another Gaming Product Review.Today,I am reviewing A Brand New Gaming Keyboard which is DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.This is Gaming Keyboard .

DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is 60 % Gaming Keyboard.You can use wired Wireless and as Bluetooth on it.It is also come with RGB Backlight in the keyboard.



DIERYA Keyboard Specification
Product Name DIERYA Gaming Keyboard
Weight 0.7 KG
Illumination RGB
Dimensions (height/width/depth) 293*101*39 mm(11*4*3.9*2 inch)
OS Supported ( Wired) Windows 2000, XP,8,10
OS Supported (Wireless) Windows 8 and Above
Key Life  >50 million times
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth Range 10 Meter

About Keyboard

The DIERYA  mechanical keyboard is an extremely affordable product.Keyboard is RGB featuring seven different lighting features controlled via keys on the board itself.Keyboard has fully mechanical keys featuring blue brown and red.

This keyboard is lightweight and very small compared to your average keyboards.While only featuring 63 keys total.

The main feature of this keyboard is its wireless Bluetooth capability ,which means that you will be able to connect the keyboard to your computer phone tablet or gaming systems
completely wireless.

The capability to connect via Bluetooth to three different devices at once.The keyboard can also be plugged into your computer for peak gaming performance to reduce latency.

The keyboard is connected via micro USB cable.So you can also use it with wireless and wired as comfort you.

My complete thoughts on the keyboard is that it’s the perfect size for gaming it gives you enough space on your desk.If you use a mouse with low sensitivity ,I really like the fact that the keyboard includes arrow keys unlike most 60-percent keyboards.

The keyboard are consistent and every click sounds great.I have absolutely no bad things to say about this keyboard and I do feel that this product is absolutely perfect for its price.


Design of Keyboard is ergonomic .Which helping to long time use.Also this design  key caps will reduce fatigue during long period of play.Special padding on keyboard to add stability. High-quality ABS construction to improve durability.

DIERYA Mechanical Keyboard Review

Key layout pretty standard.Also Back has two stands.So you can stand it while gaming.


This keyboard come with many functionality. First is that,DIERYA Mechanical Keyboard is come with Wired and Wireless.So you can use both features.It is totally depend on you that How you want to use it at time.

DIERYA Mechanical Keyboard is also providing charging option for you.DIERYA Mechanical Keyboard  come with  1500mAH battery. So whenever you using wireless function,you have more longer life for Your keyboard.

Dierya gaming keys provide comfort with better housing support compared to rubber dome keyboards.So every keypress is solid. With each stroke, experience full key travel and responsiveness.

DIERYA Mechanical Keyboard is also proving RGB Back light option.There are different seven RGB lights are available in keyboard.You can also choose any one light option for keyboard back light.

DIERYA Mechanical Keyboard Review

DIERYA Mechanical Keyboard is also proving Bluetooth option.This option is helping you to cnnect your DIERYA Mechanical Keyboard with any Android or IOS mobile.So you can enjoy typing with DIERYA Mechanical Keyboard on any Android or IOS Phone too.

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