Dauntless Best Axe Guide For Beginner Gamer | Axe Tips and Tricks

There are different six weapons are in Dauntless game.All of them are working differently and having different method and mechanism for use.One of most popular weapon in Dauntless.In this Guide ,we will guide you All About Axe weapon in Dauntless.We giving Dauntless Best Axe guide for Beginner players.

We also giving tips and tricks for Dauntless Axe Weapon in this guide.So Checkout full article.

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Dauntless Best Axe Guide

Horizontal & Vertical Attacks

Compared to the other weapons the axe is much more methodical in its pacing utilizing slow but dummy thick attacks.

Using the axe is going to require extensive knowledge of behemoths openings and how to exploit them to get the most damage out of your combos.Combos are going to consist primarily a vertical and horizontal attacks both of which serve a unique function.

Vertical attacks keep you rooted in place but deal more damage.Overall the first horizontal attack allows for you to slowly move while you charge.But drains much more stamina if held for too long and deals less damage overall than vertical attacks .

Vertical Ripper consists entirely of vertical attacks with the final attack capable of being repeated until you run out of stamina.This combo will keep you primarily in one place as none of the attacks have any substantial forward momentum.

Horizontal edge consists of entirely horizontal attacks and carries a lot of forward momentum.Making it ideal for closing the gap between you and a behemoth.

The 1st and 3rd attack of both combos can be charged, causing the initial attack and the entire combo to build up your special meter located just below your stamina bar.

There are three stages to your charge attack.And if you let go of the charge immediately after hitting the third stage,You’ll gain something called resolve.

Resolve keeps you from getting staggered by behemoths for a short time and can be identified by a golden glow surrounding your character.However the first attack in horizontal edge will not grant you resolve upon reaching third charge.As it’s the only attack that can hold its charge indefinitely before attacking.These aren’t your only options for combos though.

Combo Crossover

The axe can perform something known as a combo crossover, allowing for you to change the first two attacks in either combo .You can also perform a number of various combos that aren’t listed on the moves list.

The best one to perform is two vertical attacks followed by two horizontal attacks for a combination of maximum damage output and meter gain.You’ll want to charge the first vertical attack and then charge the first horizontal attack in that combo to gain some dummy thick meter gain.

You can also perform a charge horizontal attack in the place of the first vertical attack if you need to reposition. But do be warned that this will drain a heavy amount of stamina in the process. In some very niche circumstances, you can also perform the vertical Ripper combo in order to gain massive amounts of meter from its final repeatable attack .

I wouldn’t recommend this as your primary damage source. But it can be used in situations where you have a large enough opening to build huge amounts of your special meter.I’ve been talking a lot about the special meter but what does it do.

Your special meter gradually fills with every charge attack you land or with hits from your special attacks .Flight of Rouen will be your first special attack.You’ll have unlocked and causes you to throw your axe like a boomerang dealing damage and generating meter as it passes through a behemoth.

You can reactivate it by pressing the special button again to perform an overhead slam.

Special Buttom : Right Bumber Q

Causing you to gain resolve and dealing massive damage on impact.if you use your special ability at full meter it’ll deal increased damage and also cause you to gain a stack of determination determination.

Increases your damage dealt per rank of determination you have.Up to a maximum of 50% increased damage at rank 3 without mods.

You can find your determination rank to the right of your special meter with the number indicating how much determination you have.

These are some of the most crucial mechanics to understand and I heavily suggest you take the time to get adjusted to them by hunting weaker behemoths.Until you feel comfortable enough to take on harder hunts.

Various Mods For Axe

The various mods and alternative specials you can unlock for the axe and going over the best ways to use them.

Dauntless Best Axe Guide For Beginner Gamer
Various Mods For Axe

Grim onslaught is an act special you can unlock after reaching axe mastery level 8.Instead of throwing your axe like a boomerang you’ll eat your actual the force of 10,000 Suns.Gaining resolve during the throwing animation and dealing massive damage on a hit.

After making contact with any surface the axe will rebound and land near its initial point of impact.If you’re at full meter in the axe hits you’ll gain a stack of determination.If you’re not at flow meter when the axe hits you’ll instead build a small amount of your special meter.

Either way grim onslaught will go on cool fifteen seconds after you pick up your axe.One of the very first mods you unlock is going to be volatile axe core.Causing you to deal a wee damage for each stage of your charged attacks.

The AoE damage is affected by damage bonuses like the ones gained from having stacks of determination.It’s also capable of breaking parts and severing tails and horns ,which can widen your openings to deal dummy thick damage.

Dauntless Best Axe Guide For Beginner Gamer

You can unlock volatile axe Corp mastery level six and equip it via a lota menu.

Reaching axe mastery level ten unlocks lightweight haft.A mod that allows for you to hold the final charge of your first horizontal attack indefinitely and causes you to move faster while charging rather than slowing you down.

Though holding the charge won’t cause stamina building up to the third charge stage still will.So keep that in mind when taking this mod.

And lastly over charge cylinders unlocked at mastery level 16 and allows me to gain another stack of determination increasing.

Your maximum damage bonus to 75% at four ranks of determination.While useful for group hunts and encounters are unfamiliar with overcharged cylinder isn’t nearly as useful as the first two mods for a couple of reasons.

Reaching for stacks of determination takes a long time and most solo encounters will typically end when you’ve built around two to three stacks.While the damage bonus from having four ranks of determination is nice you, typically won’t make much use out of it before the Bema that’s dead.Meaning that you would have potentially done more damaged overall using volatile acts core.

Conceptually overcharge cylinders pretty neat but it’s difficult to make use of in practice .I recommend playing around with each special to see what feels good for you.

Think you’re having problems managing your stamina ease up the burden by taking lightweight haft.Want to bump up your damage output volatile ax score is a great choice and is useful in practically every situation.

Tips For Axe

Now,Time is sharing General Tips for Axe Weapon in Dauntless game.

the ax despite its slow speed actually has one of the easiest interrupts to land in the game this is because your very first horizontal attack has a ton of active frames.Meaning that it’s capable of inflicting damage for a long period of time after you initially start the attack.

You can even interrupt behemoths while you’re not facing them using the back swing for added style points .It’s actually insane how useful this method of interrupting is and once you get the hang of it you’ll never want to switch weapons brawling and attacking will cause you to skip your first attack and go directly into your second attack of your combo.

While useful for when trying to exploit small openings you’ll lose out on a lot of meter gain and damage by doing this.So really only attempt this if you don’t have much time to squeeze in damage.

A technique you can perform to re position and angle your attacks as something called AX drifting. To ax drift you’ll have to move in the direction you want your attack to land as well as gently moving your camera along with the attack.

With practice you’ll be able to swing backwards towards your starting point.Effectively causing you to 180 while you probably won’t need to turn that much Tokyo drifting your ax is pretty fun and is incredibly useful when you’re just slightly off from landing your attacks.

And honestly that’s gonna wrap it up. These are some of the essential fundamentals to mastering the axe  ad with enough practice you’ll be able to clap dummy thick behemoths with your dummy quick acts.


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