Dauntless Best Armor Sets List For Better Fight

There are so many Armor are available in Dauntless.But only few are very useful and best.According to them,we have created List for Best Armor For Dauntless.We have created this list by our own experience in Dauntless Game.

Now something very important to keep in mind is that you should never use a full armor set .You should try to mix and match in order to get some perks that you’re looking for.

Also one very important note is that the armor pieces in dauntless came with the same defense rating and will always have the same defense rating as you upgrade them.

All of the armor sets from all of the behemoths come with the same level of defense which is called power.And power will increase as you upgrade each armor pieces in the game.

One very important note is that we are going to be focusing not only on the perks that each of these armor pieces give us but also only cell slots that come with each of these armor sets after all cell slots are just as important as your armor pieces.

Now,Checkout These Best Armor Sets in Dauntless Game.Dauntless Best Armor Sets are below listed.

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Dauntless Best Armor Sets

Rezakiri Armour Set

Starting with the helmet it comes with conduit which as we have known well is a very useful part.It also has a technique cell which allows you to do a lot of stuff with it and add perks such as predator evasive fury and Moulton.

Dauntless Best Armor Sets
Rezakiri Armour Set

With a technique cell ,this is probably one of the most efficient ways to get convex 2+6. As you will be able to have conduit already with these two armor pieces. And you’ll be able to have one technique park go up to +6 thanks to the cell slots that are present in the helmet and in the gauntlets.

Now for the chest piece it comes with cunning and it has a utility cell slot.the Park cunning gives you a certain chance of dealing a critical hit which will deal double the damage.

Dauntless Best Armor Sets

This part is deceptively very strong.Especially when you have other perks that can increase your overall damage output ,such as rage hunter or overpower as the benefits of the perk.

Finally the legs came with agility and have a mobility cell slot.I don’t think that these kinds of parts are all that useful especially in the endgame..So I would write off these legs but there are some very good ones as you can replace such as the kosher legs.

Hellion armor set

Starting with the helmet it comes with rich hunter and comes with a Technic slot.Rich hunter is a very powerful offensive Perk.as it will give you 40% extra damage ,when you are fighting against an enraged behemoth.

Dauntless Best Armor Sets
Hellion armor set

And once you get into the end game of Dauntless, you’ll see that a lot of the behemoths you fight will be enraged for a very long time.And of course the technique cell can be used for perks ,such as molten or evasive fury.

Hellion armor seT

speaking of molten the chest piece and the gauntlets of the halcyon armor set come with molten but the chest piece comes with a technique cell Antigone let’s come with a Power Cell.

Bolton is one of the most powerful and most important perks to have in order to increase your overall DPS .As well as your overall team DPS because what it does is dealing damage will generate three molten hearts on a 16 second cool down.

These molten hearts can be picked up by anyone in the team. And they will grant you immunity to burning but more importantly increased attack speed and movement speed.

Combining this with perks like corn with a 3k treatment a physic fury and many others is key to achieving a very high DPS.And again the thing with molten is that your teammates can also pick up the molten hearts ,so you are able to pick up one of them and two other teammates can pick one each and they will have increased attack speed and movement speed.

The thing with these two armor pieces is that, depending on what you need on your build ,you can choose to go for the chest piece or the gauntlets to get a technique sell that you may want to use for a visit fury or a Power Cell that you may want to use for Rage Hunter.

Finally the legs the last piece of the Hellion armor set .They are not that special to be honest .They Kermit fortress which is a very weak Park even, when compared to the rest of the defensive parts that you can have such as nine lives and ice-born for example.

They do come with a Power Cells lot but I would personally never see myself using these legs.

Koshai Armour Set

Helmet is the weakest piece out of the bunch as it comes with agility which isn’t a very powerful perk but it does come with a technique.

Technique cells are important, Because they allow you to have perks such as evasive fury or Moulton Which are very useful as they can increase your attack speed making your overall DPS.

Koshai Armour Set
Koshai Armour Set

Much higher that being said the Koshai chest piece comes with predator and has a utility cell.Predator is one of those fantastic perks but it’s one that I wouldn’t recommend for new players.

Is it gives you a 35% increased damage after not getting hit for 15 seconds.And that can be very difficult to pull off which is why I wouldn’t recommend for newcomers.But if you are someone who has gotten used to the mechanics of the different fights and How each of the behemoths behave then predator can be a fantastic perk for you to have.

And again this one comes with a utility cell which is a fantastic cell slot to have.As it can give you parks such as conduit or a tarika tomb.

The gauntlets come with evasive fury and a Power Cells lot.I explained earlier Tthat Evasive Fury a very good perk ,that increases your attack speed for eight seconds after dodging through an attack.

With a Power Cell slot, you could put something like over power rage ,rage hunter something along those lines that will increase your overall DPS.

And the final piece of the Koshai armor set are the legs that come with predator and a utility cell just like with the chest piece.so as I explained earlier, this is one of the more powerful armor pieces. that you can have in the game and the legs especially are extremely powerful, because there aren’t as many likes that you can use that will give you such a high DPS boost.


Riftstalker Armour Sets

The rift stalker armor set not only does this armor set look very good, which don’t worry it’s not a part of the criteria here, But it also comes with very good perks and very good cell slots.

Riftstalker Armour set

The helmet comes with a 3 K tournament and comes with a utility cell.

Dauntless Best Armor Sets

This means you can get a 30 K tournament plus 6 ,if you level up the helmet to the max and if you have an epic ether atonement cell.That why you don’t even have to focus on getting a utility cell or another armor piece to get additional etheric atonement.And in the same way the rift stalker chest piece comes with conduit and with a utility cell as well.

So thanks to having a utility cell, you are able to get conduit +6 as long as you’re able to upgrade the chest piece to the max and you will have a +3 conduit cell.These two perks conduit and a 30k treatments are perks that are pretty much always present in endgame bills .Especially offensive builds ,So the fact that you are able to get both of them very quickly with just two armor is very very good.

The rift stalker gauntlets are probably the weakest part of the armor set as they come with the vision and a mobility cell.

And finally the legs the Striders of the rift come with conduit and have a mobility cell.a\As I explained earlier, conduit is a good perk ,But the mobility cell is something that I usually don’t try to have because I don’t get much use out of it.

Draskscale Armor set

Now,the Draskscale armor set is very powerful because the chest piece and the helmet came with both a 30 K tournament +3 and that is a very essential perk ,when it comes to endgame belts as that will give you an additional 50% lantern charge .

Dauntless Best Armor Sets
Draskscale Armor set

Furthermore these two pieces come with a power cell slots which means you can slot something like rage rate hunter or overpowered which are all very good offensive parks.So they’re going to work well with ether accouterments.

Dauntless Best Armor Sets

The dress gauntlets come with sharpened and they have a utility cell.Sharpen is of course good for part breaks and the utility cell is always nice to have in order to get some conduit and ether atonement.

However are nothing special as they come with fleet-footed and a utility cell. Fleet-footed can be useful sometimes, But I wouldn’t really recommend using this armor piece.

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