Dauntless All Weapons Tier List | Tips and Guide Dauntless

Dauntless is one Free  Game for everyone,This is one  Role playing game.The game is worked on Unreal Engine .In this Article,we are going to Guide and tips for All Six weapons which are available in Dauntless Game.

There are total mainly Six weapons are in Dauntless game.Checkout Dauntless All  Weapons list here.

Dauntless All  Tier Weapons list

Axe Tier

The axe is one of if not the slowest weapon in Dauntless. But it packs a Devastating punch when you manage to carefully place your attacks. Axe  has a variety of horizontal and vertical strikes that can be charged up to various levels to increase their attack power.

Dauntless All Weapons List
Dauntless Axe Weapon Tier

You can finish off your vertical combo with the powerful Ripper attack that will last as long as you have the stamina to maintain .It your horizontal charge allows you to actually move while charging which is usually your best tool to preemptively start combos.

The dodge attacks come out very quickly and are also a great way to close the distance and start an attack stream.

The first two vertical and horizontal attacks are interchangeable allowing for some variety to your compost start ups.When charging the axe look for the brightest flash on your character and release for maximum damage.

The axe special ability is flight of Roue which allows you to throw out your ax to deal damage from a distance and can be recalled the deal powerful finishing blow.

Chain Blades Tier

The chain blades are the polar opposite of the axe and nearly every way with incredibly fast close-range attacks and long reaching chain throws that allows you to keep your distance.

Dauntless Chain Blade Weapon Tier

The combos are fairly straightforward with swinging blades being a great way to deal a lot of damage with less risk.But if you have the proper opening the stationary blade ,spin can be held the deal continual damage until you run out of stamina.

The dash attacks are a decent way to close the distance but don’t provide much of a speed advantage over your standard strikes. Your chain pole allows you to instantly close the distance on a behemoth and if used in close proximity also to chain push off them while dealing damage.

Combined all this with the chain blades incredibly good – speed, quick attacks range and mobility options and you have an amazing hit and run weapon that can easily weave in and out of combat.

If you like to deal a ton of damage with a flurry of fast attacks and love to be incredibly agile the chain blades will be perfect for anyone looking for a great all-around weapon.

Ostian Repeaters Tier

Ostiean repeaters are the most customization weapon and dauntless and the only purely ranged weapon in the game.

Dauntless All Weapons List
Ostian Repeaters weapon Tier

Your standard shots are a fairly straightforward way to attack from a distance but do have decent damage drop-off if you try to attack from too far away.You also have customizable grip and chamber attacks that can be used to throw mines ,provide buffs or fire off powerful charge up attacks.

Dauntless All Weapons List

These can all be changed according to what parts you sock it on to your guns which gives you a little more flexibility when building out your character.

Now you can’t just sit back in safety too much with the repeaters because you are rewarded for reloading close to behemoths which empowers up your guns for a time.While this is active you deal more damage and your chamber and grip skills become much more powerful.

The repeaters are a great way to challenge yourself in a slightly different way compared to the melee weapons in the game and provides you a fun balancing act of keeping your guns empowered by playing aggressively.

War Pike Tier

The war Pike provides some quick hitting Pearson attacks and long-range opportunities to sever behemoths parts.

Dauntless All Weapons List
War Pike Tier

Your harvest attacks are slower, but charge up your meter faster which I’ll be getting back to shortly.Each of these two attack types can be interchanged at any time to create your own custom combos.Use this to balance out quick damage and charging up your meter faster at the same time.The dodge attacks are great at closing the distance which is the area that the war Pike is lacking the most.

Your meter in the top left builds up from attacking and boost your damage ,when it’s raised but you can also perform I ether conversion which transfers your current gauge level into a bullet to be used later.

This bullet can be used to perform a pike blast ,which must be charged and released correctly to shoot accurately and can deal a huge amount of damage as well as inflicting a large amount of sever and break damage to behemoths parts.

Hammer Tier

The hammer is easily one of the most complex weapons in all dauntless but also one of the most rewarding.

Hammer Tier in Dauntless Game

Your strike attacks differ according to if you’re moving or stationary and depending on which offer a range of vertical and horizontal attacks.The dodge attack is fairly standard and provides some additional reach.You can also charge up a concussive blast that requires use of your hammers bullets.

This hammer is no ordinary blunt instrument however and it can actually blast you through the air in a variety of ways when also using these bullets.You can perform a standard jump a double jump or even an evasive blast to quickly get to anywhere you desire in an instant.

You can also pre prime your strikes by using up a bullet to make them deal more damage or you can end your swings with a reload of a singular bullet.The powerful ether slam can be performed at the end of a combo and consumes all your bullets, but if connected with behemoths it’ll instantly refill all your ammo making it nearly a risk-free way to deal a huge amount of damage.

Your hammers bullet gauge is found in the top left corner and will need to be micromanaged during the entirety of a fight.You can reload manually which is quickened by correctly timing your active reload where you can learn to prime your strike so you can attack and reload at the same time.

Sword Tier

The sword is one of the most straightforward weapons and dauntless but not without its own unique properties.Your light attacks come out decently quick and can also be linked into heavy attacks if you pause during your triple element combo.

Dauntless All Weapons List
Sword Tier Dauntless

Your heavy attacks are more vertical and slower but deal pretty nice raw damage.The repeating elements combo allows you to perform a flurry of light attacks indefinitely at least until your stamina gauge is depleted.

The repeating elements combo allows you to perform a flurry of light attacks indefinitely at least until your stamina gauge is depleted your dodge attacks have a nice lunge to them and are a great way to quickly chase down a moving behemoth.When attacking with the sword you’ll be charging up your overdrive meter which powers up your strikes and also allows you to attack from a short distance.


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