Dark Sword 2 Guide, Tips, Walkthrough, Weapons, Skills

After Longtime,Finally Dark Sword 2 has been launched on play store.This is one advance version of previous version Dark Sword 1 game.This is Actin RPG Game for Android and IOS Device.This game developed by NANOO COMPANY Inc.

Dark Sword 2 is one Action RPG Game and come with ton of new features,which you will not find in Dark Sword 1 game.Such as Fatima System ,Impossible Missions, Plugins, Equipment Craft System,Squad System and many more.

Also game giving amazing graphics and you can play this game offline as well.So this is one amazing point of Dark Sword 2 game.

Now, In This article ,we will cover Beginner Guide for Dark Sword 2 Game, such as How to Use plugin, Skills, gears, Fatima list and also giving amazing tips for Dark Sword 2 game.

Dark Sword 2 Walkthrough

Whenever you first time install the game,you will redirect at demo play.In which you will learn all control of game,such as Fatima,Skills and How to go forward and toward in the game.


Dark Sword 2 tips
Walkthrough Dark Sword 2

Also you will learn from it that How to attack on enemies and break down all its.So while walkthrough,You will learn many basic thing that helpful you to playing game at beginning  level.And at last,after win tha battle,You will redirect Registration Form,in which you need to Enter your Commander name which will display on Leader board.

Dark Sword 2 tips
Registration  Form,

After complete this all process once,You will finally get in main game.

Dark Sword 2 Guide

There are many things, you need to known before start playing Dark Sword 2 game.So here is all important guide which help you to increasing your performance in the game.

In this game,there are fatima as squads. You need to upgrade your fatimas and make your own squad which included three fatimas at once.After choosing your squad,you will able to take participant in the battle.You need to upgrade your fatima to get victory.As you complte mission one by one,level of mission will increasing and chances of victory will also decreasing.So you need to upgrade your fatima’s power and weapons and other equipment . So to doing this task,you need to earn more gold and core.


Fatima is your member of Squad. There are total different type of 6 Fatima are in the game.You can use these fatimas for create your squad for missions and battle as well. All fatimas have different type of their weapons,skills,plugin,insignia and gears as well.

Dark Sword 2 tips
Fatima in Dark Sword 2 Game

Whenever you have unlocked new fatima,make sure you are upgrading each fatima frequently.Each weapons need some gold to upgrade it.So you will get earn from battle.So take battle and get victory in it.

Dark Sword 2 All Fatima List 


In Dark Sword 2 game,you can establish your own squad team according to your prefer choice and mission of battle.You can choose different fatima for each squad .But you can maximum add up to three fatima in one single squad.

Dark Sword 2 tips

In manage squad,You can manage all fatima. And as you increasing your progress in the game, You will get more squad option for battle.

But Why Squad?  Squad is one team which help you to break down enemies faster and early. If you will go with three instead of one,then overall team power will increasing. This is one common logic for choose squad for battle. Also each battle need different Fatima according to mission. So make sure, You have different fatimas in each squad. So you can perform your best.


Skill are very very important factor which affect your victory in the game.Because every skill’s update give you more power in the game.

In this game,Each Fatima has different skill.Also this work different also.So according to skill ,You can also choose your squad in skill order.

When you use skill once, then each skill take few second to renew it.This called regenerate time.So every skill has different regenerate time.So I recommended you while choosing fatime, make sure your fatima’s skill time will always minimum.This is one important point which also affect give damage to bosses and other enemies.

Also regular upgrade your skills with time. Because each update make more powerful your skill.

Dark Sword 2 Tips

Collect Reward from RECON

You can earn reward items easily. Just Go to Battle>RECON and put your squad in RECON. Each RECON take some time to complete it.It is depend on RECON type and reward of items.

Dark Sword 2 tips

So collect of reward from RECON .


Upgrade Your Weapons, Skills

At beginning, You can easily win the battle.But as you progress in the game and complete more mission, Level of mission and Bosses also increasing. At that time,Your old weapons and skills would not helpful to you.

So to prevent from these problems,You need to regularly upgrade your skills and weapons.So you continuously get victory in the game.

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