Dark Sword 2 All Fatima List and Skills List

In Dark Sword 2 Game,there are Total 6 Differnt Type of Fatima.All fatima have its own power and skills.Also each one have own weapons and gears.So Fatima are help to make your sqaud in the game.

Here is List of All Fatima in Dark Sword 2 game.Checkout all Dark Sword 2 all fatima.

Dark Sword 2 All Fatima List

Nova Fatima

Nova Fatima is first fatima of Dark Sword 2 game.She is ambitious and Strong willed.Inspired by the human resistances who do nit give into despair,she decides to join them.

Nova Skills

  • Battle Record Sync : Increases damage and toughness for all fatima.
  • Cleave : Deals a powerful blow that sweeps the battlefield.
  • Blade Charge : Flash of a flame piercing through the darkness.
  • Double Cleave : Use for fire bombing.
  • Rolling Knife : Known for Death Knife.
  • Judgement Day: A flame of merciless judgement.

Alia Fatima

Alia is a family caretaker android,received genuine love from an old man who regarded her as his own daughter.After losing her master in the attack of Azi Dahaka,Alia joins the resistance using the veteran master's weapon.

Dark Sword 2 Fatima

Alia Skills

  • Battle Record Sync : Increases damage and toughness for all fatima.
  • Bullet Time :Precise bombardment without error.
  • Somersault Shot : Fast and Powerful bombardment.
  • Iron Buster : A powerful light attack that sweeps the battlefield.
  • Grenade Shot : Inevitable death count.
  • Ion Detonator : Light bombarding the earth.

Sakura Fatima

She was a household android for her former owner,Who was also an otaku.She wanted sakura to wear a cosplay costume,fro which the android always refused.However,after losing her master in Azi Dahaka's attack,Sakura take is up onto herself to wear the cosplay costume and step into the battlefield.

Dark Sword 2 Fatima

Sakura Skills

  • Battle Record Sync : Increases damage and toughness for all fatima.
  • Dancing Blades : Death's Swastika.
  • Mega Slash : A sharp attack on the dark.
  • Shadow Slash : A powerful blow to shatter the darkness.
  • Crescent Slash :The blades of the moonlight separating the earth.
  • Death Blossom : A flower that blossoms a moment.

Mystic Fatima

Politics is always ugly, and the tools and method of camouflaging an assassination into an accident have always progressed. Mystic was the best assassination tool.When a request from the resistance to assassinate azi dahaka come in,She accepts.

Dark Sword 2 Fatima

Lingling Fatima

Upon being ordered by Azi Dahaka to attack humans,Lingling a security android,recalled the children who thanked her.When asked herself is azi dahaka's order was justified,She already knew the answer.

Dark Sword 2 Fatima

Roxy Fatima

Story has it that she detests all forms of establishment. As a guardian of the week,She especially hated to see Azi Dahaka's totalitarian rule to come into being .Her greatest wish is to go Azi Dahaka and let him have it with her mighty bat.

Dark Sword 2 Fatima

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