Cyber Hunter : Guides, Walkthrough, Tips

Finally Cyber Hunter  has been launched in Play Store and iTunes Store.Cyber Hunter is a survival Game which has been developed by NetEase Games.

Cyber Hunter  is a simple survival game.Which gives very nice graphics.Besides, this game offers a lot of weapons and vehicle also.Game giving amazing maps and sound quality also.In this article,we will giving all Guides and full Walkthrough for Cyber Hunter Game.We will give also Tips for Cyber Hunter game.

Starting Walkthrough

After installing Cyber Hunter game, you have two options for creating Character.At present, the game offers two characters, including Max and Zero characters.Max is Male character and Zero is female.

Max Character 

cyber hunter guides walkthriugh tips


Zero Character

cyber hunter guides walkthriugh tips

After selecting the character , you can modify also.In which you can modify the face,nose,ear,skin color,Eyes etc.This modify basing on you,Whatever you want to do in your character.

You also need choose unique User Name for Game.Username is Unique.You can not copy another's players  username.Be sure that you username is Globally and only one in global.After Selecting Username and Character,Game will going to you in Basic Tutorial.

In which you will be studied different skills.Such as Firing,Healing,E-Core,Droid Skills,vaulting,Rolling,climbing,Gliding.This all skills are helping you while playing Cyber Hunter game.

Now after studying all these skills you are able to play the game.

Guides For Cyber Hunter

Now,We are going to giving Basic guide for Cyber Hunter Game.Here we will cover all basic topics such as Looting,Aiming,Customizing,Teaming etc.


Cyber Hunter game allows you to team up.If you have a friend, you can ask to join the game by sending an invitation.But If you have not any Friends in Game,You can play Cyber Hunter Game with Global Gamer.In Global Team,You can Playing with Duo and 4 Player Team.

If You want to play alone then you can change Team Setting and choose Single Player Server and also play Cyber Hunter with Single Player Game.So,In short,Cyber Hunter giving three Different type of Team Up mode.Such as Single Player,Two Player and Four Player.

Loot Guide

After Team Up,Your Game will automatically Start and Plane will take off.You can choose your favorite place from Map Area for loot.You need to rob loot after landing down the plane.You have known that after Landing,You need to check different Houses and Shops and other places for looting.

When You are enter in Home or any ware house,you will find different type of materials and weapons. Such as medicine,Bullets,Rifle Guns,SMG Guns,Armor Jackets,Helmet,Backpack and other many type of guns.Loot according to your preference.As you like you can loot from places.

Weapons List  for Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter Different type of Weapons to Gamer.In this weapons,It included Such as Rifle,Shotgun,SMGs,Heavy Weapons and A Rifles.


  • Omega
  • Foxtrot
  • Sentinel

Sniper Rifles

  • Flamingo Sniper Rifle
  • Soulsnatcher Sniper Rifle
  • Empty Coffin Sniper Rifle
  • Valkyrie Sniper Rifle


  • Liberty Alpha
  • Delta
  • Direct Confrontation
  • Son of the Sky
  • Drake Busters
  • Crusader


  • Tiburon Shotgun
  • Killer Whale Shotgun
  • Nightingale Shotgun
  • Vortex

Heavy Weapon

  • Absolute Zero
  • Falling Star
  • Destroyer


Safe Zone For Cyber Hunter

Safe Zone is also important for all Player.After Entering in Game and Landing,You can loot from outer safe zone.But as time passing,it will decreasing with time.So,you need to keep playing in safe zone.You can easily check your current safe zone by click on Map button.

Map Button helping you to check your current location in map and guiding to direction toward Safe Zone.If you are out side of safe zone,then you must need to going in Safe zone.Other wise,after some time,Zone will starting to give Damage to you.So keep playing in safe zone or go to safe zone.


Basic Tips For Cyber Hunter

Now,Time to giving tips for surviving in Cyber Hunter Game.If you are new in Cyber Hunter Game,then you must need to remember this tips always for better scoring and surviving.This Tips Helping to you get Victory in Cyber Hunter Game.So,Here is basic Tips  for Cyber Hunter Game.

Play with Care

Play With Care mean will take care of your teammates.You are playing with team,then always try to playing together.Maintain your distance between you and your teammate also try to use Voice Chat for better communication with each other.If you and your teammates are good communicate then ,there are maximum chances of victory the game easily.

You can also spot "Mark" for weapons place.If you don't need weapons or any other guns or medicine or helmet,you can spot and mark it for your teammate.Your teammate find your mark and will take that specific guns or medicine or helmet etc.

Also Relive your teammate after knocked him/her.If any enemy knocked your teammate then first kill enemies then always relive your teammate.This habit is increasing your score in leader board.

Find Best Backpack

Backpack is very important in Game.If you have High Level of Backpack that mean you have more bullets and medicine and other energy drink or bombs.Each level of Backpack has their specific storage.If you have low level backpack then you can not playing with more storage.So always finding high level of Backpack.

Choose Your Weapons

Cyber Hunter giving lots of different type of weapons. But All for you?This is very important for you to choose your weapons.Try all weapons one by one and make sure which one is better for you.After finding your Best,Next time in new game,You just need to find those specific weapons which are suitable with your self.

You can also share your suitable weapons name with your teammate because in case,Your teammate find your weapons,their can mark it.

Use Your Skill

Cyber Hunter giving different type of skill while playing game.Such as Shield wall,Bush.Manic Velocity etc.Use these all skills while you need it.This skills are helping you to get protect from enemy.

There are also many skills.But as you increasing your level,new skills are automatically unlock one after one.

Customize Your Controls

If you are not friendly with default controls.Then you can do changes in controls With your preference.

To doing this changes,You need to Go To Setting > Controls > Customize Layout.From here you can easily customize your setting.

cyber hunter guides walkthriugh tips

You can Easily Customize your setting with your choice.

cyber hunter guides walkthriugh tips


Add New Friends

You can make new friends for playing together. Because If you have own squad then you can easily win match.For doing this thing,You can click on Add Friend button and send request.If person want to add you in their list,he will accept your request.

After adding new friends,you can invite while you online.So this is vert helpful tip for Cyber Hunter game.

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