Cyber Hunter Game Review | Good VS Bad Comparison

Cyber Hunter Game


Game Graphics




Server Connecting


Game Updating



  • Good Graphics
  • Droid Skills are New Feature


  • Controls are Not good as Expecting

Cyber Hunter is one Online Battle Royale game for Android Device and as well IOS Devices.Game is come with many similar features as PUBG Mobile.In this Review ,We reviewing Cyber Hunter Game.

We will compare Good and Bad point of this game.Also We will cover basic concepts and ideas of Cyber Hunter game.

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There are many points ,that you  need to remember before download Cyber Hunter game.Cyber Hunter is one Free To Download and Battle Royale Game.

Game come with many new features in built.Checkout Features.


Game giving amazing Graphics.There are no any doubts for this.But Game is very nice.But if you compare it with PUBG mobile,then you will not get realistic feeling while playing Cyber Hunter game.Because when you playing PUBG Mobile,you feel realistic.

Also ,When I was playing Game,I had got some bugs fix issue.I have reported those bugs.But it will not fixed still now.

So According to my side and my overall playing cyber hunter with couple of month,I think graphics are overall good.Because I had played game in with 2 GB,3 GB and also 4 GB Mobile phone.I did not get any issues with low RAM Phone and as well High RAM phone.

Game was running smooth in all phone.So,Graphics are externally good and high.

Cyber Hunter VS PUBG Mobile

Game Control

Cyber Hunter giving good Game Controls.It also giving New features .Such as Droid Skill.As long as I was playing game,I did not get any issues with game controls.

But sometimes,I got controls issues.Sometimes,My controls were out of my controls.I was faced Aim Controls problem.

Due to this problem,I was killed by enemy many time and i had lost my game and victory.So this is no good aims controls in cyber hunter.

Upgrade from Developer

This is one big issue from developer. If you want to get famous and number one is your industry,You need to continuously upgrade your self.I had playing cyber hunter until one and half month.I got no anything new upgrade from developer.

I also not got any new items or new weapons from developer side.So this is one big issue with game.If you taking PUBG Mobile,then Tencent are continuously giving new update and weapons in game.So this is good for Developer and as well Gamer.

Because Without any upgrading ,Gamer be bored and could left playing specific game.

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