Cyber Hunter : Droid Skill List and Use

Cyber Hunter is Surviving Action game for Android and IOS Device.Game is giving amazing graphics and sound Quality.There are lots of Weapons are in the game.But One amazing thing is Skill Uses.

Cyber Hunter game giving Amazing Skills while playing game.You can use these skills for protecting from enemy attacks.There are lots of Skills game is giving to gamer.But If you don't known about this skill and use of its then their are worst less.

Cyber Hunter give 4 Skills for default.But you can unlock more skill using playing game more.If you playing more and increasing level then Skill automatically unlock.You need to Quantum Cube.

In this Guide,We are cover all Skill of Cyber Hunter Game.We giving skill name and How to use it in cyber hunter game.Here is Cyber Hunter Skill list and It use.

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Cyber Hunter Skill List

Shield Wall

Shield Wall is Build Shield wall to provide direct shelter for the wanderer.Using Shield Wall Skill,When your enemy attacks you, you can build a wall to avoid them.So Skill work as Shield.

Quantum Cube cost For Shield Wall is skill is 30.

Bush Skill

Bush skill will help you hide from your enemy.When you apply this skill, a small bush will be made in front of you.So you can go and hide inside it.This skill can be very helpful in the grass area.Because grass is green and bush is also green.So you can easily hide within it.

Quantum Cube cost For Bush skill is 45.

Maniac Velocity

Maniac Velocity use at that time when  you want to run fast, you can use this skill.You are given a vehicle when you use this skill.Using that vehicle,you can easily run away from your enemy. Also You can use this skill when you are not in safe zone.If you are in not safe zone and zone is continuously  giving damage to you and you have no more time then at that time,this skill work as Golden Power,You can apply this skill and will get vehicle for go to outsize from Dead Zone.

Quantum Cube cost For Maniac Velocity  skill is 60.

Healing Device

Healing Device Skill give Heal.You can use Healing Device skill when you do not have medicines but need to be a Heal.This can also be considered an important skill.This skill can save you from harm even when you are out of Zone and take medicines.

Quantum Cube cost For Healing Device skill is 45.Healing Skill unlock at Level 3.

Watch Tower

Watch Tower Skill helping to Build One watch tower for transport the wanderer to the top.Using this skill,You can do many thing in Cyber Hunter.Such as find vehicle,Find,Enemy Position etc.You can climb on watch tower and from top ,you can watch all around.

Quantum Cube cost For watch tower skill is 45. Monitor Skill  unlock at Level 3.


Monitor skill is work as Monitor or Alarm. Because this skill will give alarm when an enemy appear in specific range of area.If you want to know if there is an enemy around you, then you can use this skill.This skill will give you an alarm if the enemy is there.So this is a very good and important skill.

Quantum Cube cost For Monitor skill is 75. Monitor Skill  unlock at Level 5.


Tree Skill helping to build one tree to provide shelter for the wanderer.This tree can be helpful in sniping on enemy.And also work as cover.To prevent enemy shots, you can take it too.Also use for Healing you for fight more.So there are lots of use of Tree Skill in Cyber Hunter Game.

Quantum Cube cost For Tree skill is 45. Monitor Skill  unlock at Level 7.

Quantum Barrier

Quantum Barrier Skill create a shield to pretest you against incoming damage.When you are at outer safe zone and you need to use medicine for increasing health,at that time,you can use this skill and get less damage.

Quantum Cube cost For Quantum Barrier skill is 90.Unlock at Level  9.

Fire Support

In Fire Support Skill,Droid provides fire support  when you are using Rifle or SMG Guns.Your Droid helping to you Fire Support to you.

Quantum Cube cost For Fire Support skill is 75.Fire Support unlock at Level 11.

First Aid Device

When you are playing with Duo or Squad mode,First Aid Device skill will be very helpful.When your enemy knocks your teammate, this skill gives life to your teammate.So For First Aid Device,you need to playing with Duo or Squad mode.

Quantum Cube cost For First Aid Device skill is 90.First Aid Device unlock at Level 13.

Fort Skill

Fort skill can be very helpful if you use it using the brain.This skill will create a fort around you which will save you from the enemy's shot.Using this skill you can easily escape from backside.If you do not have a gun or bullets, you can survive using Fort Skill.So it is smart to use this skill at the right time.

Quantum Cube cost For Fort skill is 50.Fort unlock at Level 15.


Destroy Skill release an energy wave that can shatter wanderer materials including devices.

Quantum Cube cost For Destroy skill is 15.Fire Support unlock at Level 17.


Stealth Force Field

Stealth Force Field allies within range enter stealth mode.This will e revealed after firing.

Quantum Cube cost For Stealth Force Field skill is 90.Stealth Force Field unlock at Level 17.

Marker Skill

Marker skill is one best skill from All Cyber Hunter Skill. Because Using this Skill,you will get your enemies perfect position.When you use  Marker Skill,you will get Red marking point,which indicating your enemy position and overall enemy current move.You can easily get basic ideas about your enemy Strategies.Which help to you change your Strategies and make new Strategies.

Quantum Cube cost For Marker skill is 75.Maker Skill unlock at Level 21.

Optical Camouflage

Optical Camouflage is also one superb skills from other Cyber Hunter Skill because using this skill,You slowly disappear.So for disappearing,you can use this skill.Second advantage is that you disappear so you can easily away from your enemy.This skill work as golden chance for taking away from your enemy.

Quantum Cube cost For Optical Camouflages kill is 105.Maker Skill unlock at Level 23.

Bush Formula

Bush Formula use for transform yourself into a bush Robot and become camouflaged when crouching.

Quantum Cube cost For Bush Formula  skill is 45.Maker Skill unlock at Level 25.

Shield Formula

Shield Formula is use for transform yourself into a shield robot and create a shield to protect squad mates when crouching.

Quantum Cube cost For Shield Formula sis 75.Maker Skill unlock at Level 21.

Flight Formula

Flight Formula skill helping to summon the rocket flight backpack and take to the sky.

Quantum Cube cost For Flight Formula  skill is 45.Flight Formula Skill unlock at Level 29.

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