Crossover:The Ranker Beginner’s Guide, Tips, Arena

Are you want to guide for Crossover: The Ranker? Check out our Crossover: The Ranker guide and tips which help you understand this game.

Character Guide

There are three major characters in this game. Pure, lost child and Neutral. Now, you can have a need to upgrade your character.

To upgrade your character, you have to need to soul stone in the game. You will get soul stone by summoning, clear rewards of contents and from medal shop.

Character Level Up & Skills

The main way to level up your character in this game is by clearing all stages in adventure mode. As you clear up more and more stage, you will get More EXP and this exp helps you to level up a character. Also, you can boost your items to gain more EXP.

Character Upgrading

When you start the game first time, your character has one star. But you can upgrade it as a growing castle. You have to need a soul stone, good matching attribute, and coins to upgrade your character. These all are necessary materials to upgrade it.

Character Awakening

The Awakening is one way to grow once per character. To do awakening, your character must have a level 50 minimum. To awakening your characters, you have the need for symbols, awakening orbs, prisms, coins.

Keep in mind that the main benefit of awakening is that it helps you to unlock awakening passive skill in the game. This is reinforced by existing passive skills.

Skills List

There are major four skills in this game.

  1. General Attack Skill: This is basic attack skill and it performs automatically when the enemy is under range.
  2. Active Skill: These skills ahs two types for each character. It is a direct skill and uses to attack directly on the enemy.
  3. Passive Skill: This is a skill that you don’t need to apply. It apply automaticaly when it needed. It has one type for each character.
  4. Awake Skill: This is one passive skill and uses during awakening.

You have to need skills books to upgrade your skills. However, you cannot upgrade your passive skills.

Arena Guide

To entry in the arena, you have the need to arena ticket, you can start the arena by spending one arena ticket at initially. These tickets are recharged up 5 per day. You can also choose the shop to purchase a golden ticket.

There are two types of teams in this arena. First is the Attack team – Choose your attack team for when you want to attack and second is defense team – you need to set up your defensive team to when an attack by others on you.

Keep in mind that when you are entering the arena, there is a different total of five numbers of the team provided one by one. You need to check all one by one for combat.

You can not refuse your battle which is against the last fifth opponent. In case, you try to force quit the app, then opponent selection will be waived.

Whenever you will battle, you will get arena medals as rewards. The number of arena medals depends on your current league and position. As increasing your league, the number of the medal will decrease.

Also, you can get weekly rewards. Each week starts from each Monday – 00:00. By touch on the arena screen.

Rune System

Each character has a total of six rune slots. All runes slots have a number from 1 to 6 and it can be only installed in rune slots of the same number.

Crossover TheRanker guide tips

Rune System

However, all runes have one belonging set and in case, if you use the same set of runes at the same time – the set effect is triggered.

There are two options for runes. The first is the Main option and the second is the second option.

  1. Main option: The main option of use for randomly assigned one of the options according to the rune slot number. The higher the rating- the higher the value.
  2. Secondly Option: The second option is called auxiliary option which is given one randomly each time a rune gains 3,6 or 9.

Rune’s Enhancing

When you just create a new rune, it has 0 strength. You have to need enhancement to make it more powerful. You can enhance each rune up to 10 rounds. You have to need to spend coins and rune shard to do its.


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