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There are so many heroes are in the Crossing Void Global. Most of the new players looking for a tier or best S rank heroes. I am going to give My personal S Rank heroes in the Crossing Void Global. This is my favorite hero at starting of the game.

After reading so many articles on social media and playing the game about 5-7 days. I am going to cover Best S Rank Tier heroes. This is based on my personal gaming experience. So if you have any thoughts about this one, just give your golden comment on comment box which helps others to get tips or guides.

If you are new in the game, I recommend you to check out Our Crossing Void Global guide and tips which helps you to start faster in the game.

 Best Tier Characters

Mikoto Misaka

If you are confused about your starter hero then I definitely recommend you to choose Mikota Misaka as your starter hero. Because she is one really legend hero in the Crossing Void Global game. I added her to my list just because she has triple enemies AoE attack skill. 

Crossing Void Global Tier

If you are a starter player and want to target your enemies easier then these skills definitely help you a lot to clear targets. Also, these things help you improve your gears and effective run time.

But when talking about Cross Talent then Cross Talent of Mikoto Misaka is decent.

Name Effect
Cross 1.Vending Machine Killer2.Railgun Upgrade
Skill 1. Lighting Bolt 2.Electric Shock 3.Railgun 
Talent 1.Eletromoaster 


Shana’s SP skill contains a huge DoT damage portion, you want to be as cost-effective as you can with her. She is able to give Physical and as well as arcane damage to enemies. You will get this combo skill in crimson skills.

Because the enemy would basically have to build a character especially in PvP to defend against two different damage types. Which is harder to do especially when you’re trying to dial in on your gear.

Name Effect
Cross 1.Cutest Girl Group 2.Tendou Palace’s Flame Haze
Skill 1. Crimson 2.HienShock 3.Kessen Ougi
Talent 1.Flame of Heaven

Miyuki Shiba

She is one good starter hero that you could pick up in your early game. Another thing, I personally like about this one is that her two skills – Ice thorn and zone interference are super cheap. This thing helps you where you’re dealing with enemies that have buffs. So you can easily build your defense using both skills while enemies have more defense and attack power.

Crossing Void Global Tier

These things make your team very very strong. So I like Miyuki Shiba. In crossing side point, She has magical girls combos which is one very very strong combos in the game.

Talent side – When an enemy has a specific amount of HP the characters team deals. When you hit that HP threshold, this will allow your entire team to deal more damage. So again this is another hero with the talent + skill combinations. Especially since they’re all AoE is going to allow you to maximize the amount of damage output that you put out.

So these are the reason that Miyuki is not a bad choice when you looking for your starter hero in the game.

Name Effect
Cross 1.Magical Girl 2.Brother Complex 
Skill 1. Ice Thorn 2.Zone Interference 3.Inferno
Talent 1.Snow Queen

Yukina Himeragi

This is another overall strong starter hero with amazing utility. This is another hero which has physical and as well as arcane damage skills. Her Young lighting skill has amazing utility.

If you compare this one which Shana then I think there are only differences between the color of hero skins and animation of skill. Otherwise, both are the same in terms of skills.

But when you need overall output capacity, then I recommend you to Shina. Because Shina has more damage capacity then Yukina Himeragi.

Name Effect
Cross 1. Owner of Countering Weapon 2.We will break your Imagination
Skill 1. Exorcising Charge 2.Young Lighting 3.Strike the Blood
Talent 1.Sword Shaman

Attack Growth Tier List

Attack Growth Tier List – Main Character 
Tier Character
S Tier  1. Misaka 2. Miyuki 3. Shana 4. Kuroko 5. Kuroyukihime 6. Izaya
A Tier 1. Tomoka 2. Asuna 3. Kojyo 4. Qwenthur 5. Kirito 6. Emi 7. Kirino 8. Yukina
B Tier  1. Shizuo 2. Ako 3. Rentaro 4. Selvaria
Attack Growth Tier List – Support
Tier Character
S Tier 1. Kuroyukihime 2. Miyuki 3. Boogiepop 4. Len 5. Zero
A Tier  1. Kino 2. Misaka 3. Yukina 4. Celty 5. Kuroneko 6. Touma 
B Tier  1. Erio 2. Leafa 3. Kuroko 4. Kirito 5. Hina 6. Havia 7. Kirino 8. Wilhelmina 9. Dokuro 10.Ryuuji 11. Haruyuki 12. Enju 13. Rusian 14. Yuuki 15. Floreytia

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