Crossing Void Global : Best Guide, Tips & Reroll !!!

If you love gacha game then Crossing Void Global is one another gacha based game for you. In this article, you will get all about the beginner guide, the introduction of the game system and one of the most FAQ about Reroll.

Most of the players are looking for a Rerolling guide for Crossing Voraid Global. There are confused about rerolling is possible or not in the crossing void global. Check out the full guide and you will get your answer.


This is one common aksed Question by every new beginner player of crossing void global. Is rerolling possible for Crossing void global?

The true answer is no. The main reason is only the Pre Registration. With the pre-registration rewards, you get a free S class hero and  After you go through and you finish the adventure mode, you get to choose another S-class hero anyway of your choice from the original lineup.

Also, Game supports inheritance power features. Which helps you fuse your heroes.

Best Beginner Guide & Tips

Before you start the actual game, you have to need to know that the game needs a few levels from your side to unlock other features. As you level up your character in the game, the features are unlocked for you. i.e – As you level up 20, you will unlock Guild and you will able to take advantage of all features of the guild. So game needs EX and necessary levels to unlock more features in the late game. So keep in mind this thing.


You are going to be approached with a general story. The story is pretty much the way that gets helps you to get a ton of rewards in the game. Also, need to pay attention to the star system.

Crossing Void Global guide

The star system is one place where this is where you get a lot of your summons and all that other quests.


The Characters are very important in every Gacha based game. These decide your whole game. when you are going through the game, the first thing you are going to be presented with is your starting cast of characters.

Star Grade System

Star level is another level thing that your character has. You increase it using items that acquired in story stages and you have to reach specific levels to be able to star up. This will unlock your passive skills after 3 stars and above.

Crossing Void Global guide

You can level up faster your character by feeding them food and snacks. These snacks depending on the quality of the snack. This feeding increases the amount of XP that your character can get.

As in every Gacha game, in the Crossing Void Global, StarGrade System is available. I really like the star grade system because it doesn’t take other star heroes. You just got farm mates that you can get through various stages and dungeons. You can farm these mates and that you can star grade up your hero.

But keep in mind for each grade. There’s going to be tears and then you have to fulfill these tears and as you go through these tears, your stats will absolutely increase.


Talent can be shuffled by using the character fragment that you get from decomposing characters or universal fragments. Character fragments are used for the same name character regardless of their role.

Each time you shuffle and you will get random talent from the pool with either the same or higher levels from the lowest talent level you have. And you also have the chance to increase the character rarity. Each main character or hero has one unique talent and the sub hero or supporter has no one.


Basically skills depend on your characters. As you level up your characters and get more EXP, you will be able to unlock new skills and level up your currents. So keep in mind that skills are one amazing way to make your character or hero more powerful.

The main character has 2 active skills, 1 Climax skill, and 4 passive. The supporter character has 1 active skill and 4 passive skills. Passive skills are unlocked by upgrading the STAR level.


Curio is basically your gears in the game. There is a variety of curios in the game. Each character able to take four gears at the same time. The higher quality of gears gets more potential power. You can upgrade your gears by Hit on the research button.


Awaken helps you to enhance your characters. This feature only available when you have dupe S Character.


Challenges are a set of dungeons. You will get so many dungeons there. Keep in mind that some of them are PvP and some are PvE.

Crossing Void Global guide

You can easily read the dungeon names and winning rewards. These challenges help you to so many rewards, coins, and EXP. I recommend you to clear these all one by one.

Game System Guide

Keep in mind that every single adventure stage has a mate initially. There are three different variations in combat. Keep in mind that Auto Combat mode available after once you reach level 9 in the game. However, after reaching level 5, you can speed up your combat 2X speed. Flash mode is offered to keep going with your last team.

Crossing Void Global guide

If you do not want to go with your last keep then you can go with auto.

When you entered the game, you need to use buy skills by spending the cost. Each skill has each own cost in the game. Cost depends on skill. Keep in mind that some skill is especially for the middle hero and some are the frontline hero and as well some are back.

There are major two types of heroes. First is the Main hero which is your front line hero. Second is your sub hero which called a support hero. This is basically supported hero or primary which helps you create your skill kit.

Keep in mind that you can customize your own team. So always try to the mixer of heroes and make different heroes team.

Gacha System

Gacha System is your banner. You can buy gacha from there. There are crystal or a ticket to do this. There are free to play crystal and as well pay to win crystal in the game.

Also, you can purchase Maigo which is one premium currency in the game. You can buy a summon pack that included 100 summon. It cost around 100 bucks. The price depends on the offer.

Gacha is pulled with either MAIGO or VOUCHERS. You get one free daily. Banners differentiated into three, Normal, Rate up, and Limited. Normal Banner is just the same as normal gacha, Rate up banner is a rate up of specific characters usually 2-4 characters. Both normal and rate up use a blue voucher.

List of Buff – Debuff

Buff Name – Type Effect
Bleed – DMG Receive DMG at the start of each turn (not fatal)
Backfire – DMG Receive DMG after the main character uses a skill(not fatal).
Regen- Buff Regain an amount of HP at the start of each turn.
Fortify- Buff Absorb an amount of DMG.
Deathproof- Buff Avoid death after receiving fatal DMG (Disappears after use).
DMG  Deal⬆️  – Buff Increase the amount of DMG a character deals with.
DMG Taken⬇️ – Buff Decrease the amount of DMG a character receives.
DMG Taken⬆️-Debuff Increase the amount of DMG a character receives.
DMG Deal⬇️- Debuff Decrease the amount of DMG a character deals with.
Trauma – DMG Decrease effective of healing received.
Seal – DMG Can’t Move.

Crossing Void Global Tips

  • Keep doing the story to level up your account and unlock more game mode.
  • Don’t forget to do dailies, it gives you nice resources and free maigo.
  • After clearing story stage 1-8 you will be given a mission that will give you S rank character after you complete it.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you’re losing a stage, try a different approach or keep upgrading your character, skills, and equipment, eventually, you will beat that stage. You can also ask other people for strategy be it in-game or through another social platform.
  • Find or join an active guild when you can, you can get buffs, fragment, and special guild shop.
  • Add some friends, as it will give you friends points that let you buy Friendship Box that is basically the same as free gacha.
  • Don’t be afraid to upgrade whatever character you love even if its still low rank since you can inherit it if you ever get them at higher rank through gacha. And also each character has their uses here in this game.
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