How To Control Recoil In PUBG Lite Game? | Guide & Tips For Recoil

Since now PUBGย  Lite has been released worldwide, all the emulator players are making a transition towards this game But when they start playing it, they noticed how hard the recoil in this game. It is more difficult to control your recoil in this game compared to the PUBG Mobile game.

So That’s the reason for me to making this Article to guide you How to Control Recoil in PUBG Lite game. I will guide and give basic tips which will very very helpful to you to manage and decreasing your recoil in the game. So check out this guide.

How To Control Recoil In PUBG Lite Game

So before starting giving a guide, I want to share my experience In the PUBG Lite game.It is very true to, you could never learn something in life without doing more practice and more playing games.You never learn recoil control from YouTube Video or any other website article. You just need to practice doing it.Ya, But all articles and videos can advise to directions which help you solve your big problem.

It is because Control recoil is one technique which only you can develop by your self. You can never copy from other players. So In this article, I will share my experience and guide to your best direction which helps you control recoil in PUBG lite. But with all these things, you need also to do more practice in-game.

My Experience in PUBG Lite

So the biggest mistake that I made in my initial days of the transition was to use a gun and scope that I felt comfortable with.In my case, it was a Vector and a red dot scope.

While I was using that gun, I struggled to control other more powerful guns like M4 or AKM, because I was limiting myself to getting used to something a lot less difficult than what I was capable of. I kept on dying and dying because when I found any other gun apart from Vector, I just couldn’t control it missed my shots and then died.

Then what should you do first of all? You need to understand that this thing, where the mode you play the better you are gonna.

Don’t spend the majority of the time aiming and shooting. Head you drop and then you loot and loot for minutes just to be killed by one random player that spotted and shot you from the back. just think about it.

You’re not shooting for the majority of the time that you spend playing this game. Then how can you expect to get better at it? so for practicing the best place that I recommend you is the MDM training room. It wasn’t much of a use for an emulator player while playing pubs immobile but it is the best place for newbies in this game.

Now let me finally tell you how I use the training room to practice recoil control?

Recoil Control Tips

You have to do go ahead and pick up a level-3 bag. Then an AKM and then pick up as much ammo as you possibly can. Attach an extended Max to it.

And then a 4x scope, go away from the crowd crouch down and then start shooting people that’s what you got to do.

Now keep in mind that crouching down is must, when controlling these more powerful guns combined with these high-powered scopes as it reduces the horizontal recoil a lot. Now all of this might seem a lot.

As right now, you were not even capable of controlling an AKM with a red dot and now I’m asking you to use a 4x cope with it. So the thing is that you underestimate yourself and your capability is a lot.

If you try to perfect something easier, you will always get stuck with it. But if you try to do something hard then the easier things that, you were struggling with earlier will automatically get perfect. Now you don’t need to use these high-powered scopes in the actual game, doing this training there is going to reflect in-game while using low powered scopes. And you won’t find any difficulty while using them.

You can also change your scope such as 4X to 6x and try to practicing more. Also, you can do practice with the red dot. So you need to keep practicing and learn from mistakes.


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Adeeb Ur Rahman
Adeeb Ur Rahman
11 months ago

Great guide. Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

7 months ago

Thx it really works. I do this for 10 to 15 mins before joining matches and it works. Keep up the good work๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘.

5 months ago

Really thanks friend. Not much.but its worthy.thanks again for tip