Cleric Class Class Guide & Skill – Perfect World Mobile

The cleric is one female class in perfect world mobile game. In this guide, you will get all the skills and guide of skills for cleric class for the Perfect world mobile game. Check out the cleric class guide.

If you are new in the game and don’t know anything about perfect world mobile games, Check out our beginner guide and tips for perfect world mobile game. which help you a lot to understand about the game.

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Cleric Class: Perfect World Mobile Guide & Skill

Most of the new players are confusing which class chooses for starting off as a beginner. So according to new players, We are going to giving a cleric class guide and all the skills of her.

About Cleric Class

Before you choose the cleric class, you have to know what is the cleric class. Check the brief info of the cleric class.

Cleric Class Brief Info

The cleric is one elven class who has wings. She has the power of lighting and winds. When someone tries to attack you, she will start to heal you. So she is working as a heal.

Also, she is very powerful. Because whenever someone tries to attack you, she replies to them and saves you. So this is one perfect summon class. Also, you may like her dancing style.

Cleric Class Skills & Guide

Plume Shot & Cyclone

Plume shot is the basic attack of the cleric class. Plume shot is a very powerful attack skill and it is the lighting of missile and it shoots your enemies and gives amazing damage.

Cyclone is one windfall attack on your enemy. It slows your enemies by 30% for the next six seconds. So whenever you slow down your enemies for the next few seconds, you could use this skill.

Tempest & Thunder

Tempest is one of your bigger AoE skills.  It channels down Thunderbolts that shoot a huge area all around you. It’s very impressive to see it does lots of damage although it takes a lot of time to cast your tempest.

Thunder lets you channel lightning through your targets. It hits multiple enemies.

Wellspring & Ironheart

Wellspring is a healing skill for you. This is your primary heal skill, which you could be used as single-target heal mostly. While the iron heart is your regen skill. You can keep this iron heart, and the stack is future up to three-time on your tank. So keep it healthy and use it in the future.

Healbeam & Purify

Healbeam is AoE Buff and AoE heal. It takes a very long time to compare to other heals. So you can use this heal beam to healing your hero.  Whenever your teammates are rooted, stunned or poisoned, You can use purify to keep alive them.

Chi Burst & Revive

Chi burst used for increasing speed of magic attack and your heals. Also, makes you invulnerable for one second. Using revive skill, you can revive a person only once every five minutes. You actually revive them from the death and they do not have full health.o you’re gonna have to heal them back to health after you revive them.

Regenerate is very similar to heavens wrath. Except it heals and also gives you a defense buff. Now regenerate as a blue aura and heavens red has a red aura. This way your teammates know what exactly you are casting.

God’s wrath & Regenerate

God’s wrath is also known as heaven’s wrath. You summon the powers of the heavens and you channel it. while you’re channeling does, you cannot do anything else. So while in God’s wrath, you do buff all of your teammates , attack speed, skill speed, and cast cooldowns.


Sage Cleric and Demon Cleric

After reaching level 70, You can choose either sage cleric or demon cleric.  Sage makes your ultimate healer. Also, you can keep your team’s alive massive PvP playing battle. The sage cleric will be able to heal and keep their teammates alive longer.

If you want to play 1 PvP, then Demon Cleric bests for you. She make lots of damages and gives the best from her.

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8 months ago

What are the 5 bars in a horizontal line under my mana bar, and why do they have to do with myspell casting?