Chess Rush : Beginner Guide, Tips and Win Match

After PUBG mobile, Tencent Developer has been made amazing new Mobile game for Mobile Gamer. It is Chess Rush. Chess Rush is one Auto Chess based Online Game for Android and IOS Gamer.

In this guide, We will cover basic guide and give overview of the game. Which help to understand game more better and we will give new guide soon which help to you to be pro player in this game.

Beginner Guide

Chess Rush is one PvP Online Battle game, In which you need to try your heroes at front of your enemies or friends. You will drop your board on your board side and similarly, Your enemies drop his heroes on his board side. But whole this process, You both are unknown for getting heroes position of each other still match will be not start.

Chess Rush game guide
Chess Rush Game Overview

Basic of this game is similar every other Auto Chess game.As  you can above image, which give brief overview of the game.

At right side, Column show all participants name and rank. Also you will get your position in that column. As you win the match, You rank also increasing and get position up. You will get also information of Mana crystals.

Chess Rush game guide
Choose New Heroes For Match

Before start every match, you have few second to choose new heroes in game. During this time, You can choose new heroes and combos using Mana Crystal. You can also refresh by spending two mana.

How do I earn Mana Crystal?

Mana crystal is very expensive. This is work as currency in the Chess Rush game. So never spend it for useless items or purchase useless heroes or any others.

Mana Crystal

You will get certain amount of mana crystal after each round. You could find your mana crystal at right top corner.

How do I active a Combo?

A major condition for any combo is that Heroes must same species or class. If your heroes are in same species or class then you can make combo from them.

Chess Rush game guide

How do I upgrade a Hero?

3 identical heroes I-star (2-star) can be combined into a 2-star (3-star) hero. Once leveled up, a hero’s attack damage and health will be greatly enhanced.

How do I invite My Friend?

Chess Rush in one Online PvP game which also provide invite your friend to play with you. You just need to press on Plus Sign button which you will get at your Lobby.

Chess Rush game guide
invite friend chess rush game

After press on it, You will get all your online friend list and from there, you can invite them.

In case, you have no any friends, then you can add friend after battle will end.

Chess Rush Tips

Collect Reward from Quest

You can earn reward from daily activity. Each activity will give some reward.

Chess Rush game guide

So Daily login, Daily match game etc event will give amazing rewards everuday. So collect of them daily.

Upgrade Your Heroes

Each upgrade make your heroes faster and stronger . So always upgrade your heroes. So make sure, You have always up to date heroes with high level.

Commander Upgrade

After upgrade your commander, you will get one extra slots in your board.Just press on Blue Crystal icon and press upgrade button. You can also check enemies commander level and mana crystal from right side of column.

Try New Heroes

Ya, always tyr new heroes. Because this thing will give more understanding of other heroes ability and power. So try new heroes and make new combo in the game. So you could understand, which combo or heroes are better for you and How to use in battle.



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