Chess Rush : All Heroes List

There are so many combos and heroes are available in Chess Rush Game. These heroes are help to get victory in game. But Without any basic information of heroes, You could not win the battle.So here are List of All Heroes available in Chess Rush game.

In Chess Rush Game, Heroes are classified as different name such as Fury, Dragon, Jelly, Goblin, Beast, Elf, Human, Undead, Oceanborn, Cyborg, Void and Demon.

Chess Rush : All Heroes List


Fury Heroes


Banger Hero Level

Hero Name : Bangar | Class : Warrior | Power : Taunt

Brief Info

Bangar is known for his Taunt. Bangar has ability to attract attention of enemies within one grid and force them to attack him. Ignore ability immunity and increases armor by 25/50/75 for 2/3/4 second.


chess rush heroes list
Wukong Hero Level

Hero Name : Wukong | Class : Warrior | Power : Whirlwind

Brief Info

Wokong is known for his Whirlwind. He could spins the iron staff rapidly and dealing 150/300/450 magic damage per second to enemies within 2 grid.


chess rush heroes list
Firefur Hero Level

Hero Name : Firefur| Class : Hunter| PowerWhirling Blades

Brief Info

He tosses two blades that travel forward and return. Each blades deals 210/330/450 physical damage to enemies on it's path. Those hit by the blades take 10-20-30 percent extra damage.


chess rush heroes list
Starhorn Hero Level

Hero Name : Starhorn| Class : Sorcerer| Power : Meditation

Brief Info

Starhorn creates a silencing zone at a random enemy location, dealing 150/180/225 damage to nearby enemies every second and silencing them for 2/3/4 second.

Beast Heroes


chess rush heroes list
Icetusk Hero Level

Hero Name : Icetusk| Class : Warrior | Power : Glacier Strike

Brief Info

Icetusk deal 300/350/400 percent physical damage to ebnmey within only one grid. And knocking at into the air for 1 sec. Ignores ability immunity.


chess rush heroes list
Marshlord Hero Level

Hero Name : Marshlord| Class : Warlock| Power : Incubate

Brief Info

Marsh Lord summons a frogling whose attacks reduce the target's attack speed by 30%. The frogling is immune to enemy abilities and has 250/400/450 attack damage and 400/700/1000 HP.


chess rush heroes list
Werewolf Hero Level

Hero Name : Werewolf| Class : Warrior | Power : Transformation

Brief Info

Transform into a wolf and increasing health by 20-30-40 percent. Also summons one wolf spirit with 300/400/550 attack damage and 2000/3000/4500 heath to fight enemies.


chess rush heroes list
Witchdoctor Hero Level

Hero Name : Witchdoctor| Class : Druid | Power : Shared Life

Brief Info

Summons a totem to heal herself and allies for 225/300/375 every 1.5 second within 4 grids.

Dragon Heroes

Moonlight Dragon

chess rush heroes list
Moonlight Hero Level

Hero Name : Moonlight Dragon | Class : Dragon| Power : Nature's Breath

Brief Info

Fires a magic orb infused with natural energy. The orb move forward for 7 grids and deals 300/400/500 magic damage to enemies in its path as well as recovers allies's health by 150/200/250.


chess rush heroes list
Dragon Hero Level

Hero Name : Bangar | Class : Rider| Power : Dragon Form

Brief Info

Transforms into a dragon, increasing attack damage by 200/350/500 and attack range by 3 grids The dragon's attacks deal 30%/60%/90% splash damage to enemies within 1/2/2 grids of the target


chess rush heroes list
Venom Hero Level

Hero Name : Venom | Class : Dragon| PowerAssassin 

Brief Info

Sprays venom on a random enemy, dealing 450/750/1050 magic damage every second and reducing the target's attack speed by 40/60/80 for 5s. The attack speed reduction ignores ability immunity.

Jelly Hero


chess rush heroes list
Guru Hero Level

Hero Name : Gurru | Class : Jelly| Power : I am Gurru

Brief Info

Gurru loves peace and refuse to fight.

Goblin Hero

Hog Rider

chess rush heroes list
Hog Rider Hero Level

Hero Name : Hog Rider| Class : Hunter | Power : Charge

Brief Info

After taking lethal damage, charges towards the nearest enemy and deals 400/600/800 magic damage to all targets within I grid, stunning them for 0.5s.


chess rush heroes list
Berserker Hero Level

Hero Name : Berserker | Class : Warrior | Power : Quick Assault

Brief Info

When attacking the same enemy, each consecutive normal attack increases attack speed by 9/12/15, up to 10/15/20 times. Half of the stacks are lost when switching to another target.

Voodoo Elder

chess rush heroes list
Voodoo Elder Hero Level

Hero Name : Voodoo Elder| Class : Warlock| Power : Voodoo

Brief Info

Fires paralyzing venom at a random enemy. The venom bounces between enemies for a total 2/4/6 times, with each bounce dealing 150/225/300 magic damage and stunning the target for Is.


chess rush heroes list
Totemface Hero Level

Hero Name : Totemface | Class : Sorcerer| Power : Body Swap

Brief Info

Swap the body of a random enemy with a weak animal for 4/6/8s, rendering the target unable to attack or use abilities.

ELF Hero


chess rush heroes list
Everbloom Hero level

Hero Name : Everbloom| Class : Druid | Power : Devouring Plant

Brief Info

Summons a flower spirit with 150/210/270 attack damage and 1500/2100/2700 HP.

Unicom Cavalier

chess rush heroes list
Unicom Cavalier Hero level

Hero Name : Unicom Cavalier | Class : Rider | Power : Wind Blade

Brief Info

The flying dagger from each attack will bounce between enemies within 4 grids up to 3/5/7 times after it hits an enemy. Each bounce reduces the damage by 40%.


chess rush heroes list
Nightingale Hero level

Hero Name : Nightigale| Class : Punisher | Power : Soul Blade

Brief Info

Each attack deals 33/66/100 true damage and reduces target's mana by the same amount, while also increasing own magic resistance by 30%/40%/50%.


chess rush heroes list
Evergreen Hero level

Hero Name : Evergreen| Class : Druid | Power : Seed Of Nature

Brief Info

Casts a seed of nature at a random enemy, dealing 90/120/150 magic damage every 1.5s while healing the allies within 3 grids for the same amount. Lasts 5s.

Human Hero

Frost Lotus

chess rush heroes list
Frost Lotus Hero Level

Hero Name : Frost Lotus| Class : Sorcerer | Power : Frozen Storm

Brief Info

Creates a storm at the feet of a random enemy, dealing 250/425/600 magic damage per second to all enemies within 4 grids and slowing them by 40% for 3s.

Templar Knight

chess rush heroes list
Templar Knight Hero Level

Hero Name : Templar Knight| Class : Rider | Power : Blessing Light

Brief Info

Casts a holy light on the ally with lowest health (including himself) to restore 600/900/1200 health and deal 600/900/1200 true damage to enemies within 2 grids.


chess rush heroes list
Flamecaller Hero Level

Hero Name : Flamecaller | Class : Sorcerer| Power : Cleansing Flame

Brief Info

Creates an explosion on the enemy with the highest level, dealing 1500/2250/3000 magic damage. If the target dies, the remaining damage is dealt to nearby enemies.


chess rush heroes list
Werewolf Hero Level

Hero Name : Werewolf | Class : Warrir | Power : Transformation

Brief Info

Transforms into a wolf, increasing maximum health by 20%/30% /40% Also summons I wolf spirit with 300/400/550 attack damage and 2000/3000/4500 health to fight enemies.

Undead Hero


chess rush heroes list
Famine Hero Level

Hero Name : Famine| Class : Hunter | Power : Soul Siphon

Brief Info

Gains 10 attack damage for every unit killed in battle Dragon Jelly Stacks up to 6/8/10 times.


chess rush heroes list
Calamity Hero Level

Hero Name : Calamity | Class : Rider | Power : Dark Space

Brief Info

Grants the ally with lowest health a shield that absorbs up to 300/450/600 damage. The shield lasts 10s and explodes after absorbing the maximum amount of damage, dealing 300/450/600 magic damage to enemies within 3 grids.


chess rush heroes list
Misfortune Hero Level

Hero Name : Misfortue| Class : Warlock | Power : Rider

Brief Info

Casts a shadow pulse that deals 300/450/600 magic damage to enemies within 3 grids and heals allies (including herself) for 300/450/600.

The Dark Mage

chess rush heroes list
The Dark Mage Hero Level

Hero Name : The Dark Mage | Class : Sorcerer | Power : Nightmare Blast

Brief Info

Fire a nightmare blast at one random enemy. The blast bounces between enemies within 4 grids of the original target and deals 600/900/1200 magic damage each time for a total of 6/9/12 times Each bounce also reduces the target's attack speed by 65 for 2.5s.

Void Hero

Void Destruction

void desctruoin
void destruction Hero Level

Hero Name : Void Destrcution | Class : Sorcerer | Power : Aurora

Brief Info

Creates a field with a maximum radius of 3/4/5 grids that shrinks upon reaching the maximum size The field deals damage to enemies once while expanding and once while shrinking. Enemies further away from the him takes more damage (30-300/600/900).

Void Doom

void boom
Void Doom Hero Level

Hero Name : Void Doom | Class : Warlock | Power : Void Meteor

Brief Info

Deals true damage equal to 5%/7%/9% of their Max health every second to enemies within 4 grids for a total of 10s.

Cyborg Hero

Bionic Ninja

bionic ninja
Bionic Ninja Hero Level

Hero Name : Bionic Ninja | Class : Sorcerer | Power : Aurora

Brief Info

Fires an energy blade at a random enemy (high chance to attack the nearest enemy), dealing 600/1000/1400 magic damage and stunning the target for 0.75s.

Miss Supersonic

miss supersonic
Miss Supersonic Hero Level

Hero Name : Miss Supersonic | Class : Engineer | Power : Sonic Blast

Brief Info

Fires three sonic projectiles that deal 300/525/750 magic damage to random enemies.

Steel Fist

steel fist
Steel Fist Hero Level

Hero Name : Steel Fist| Class : Engineer| Power : Lava Blast

Brief Info

Fires a lava blast at a random enemy within 2 grids every 0.7s for 5s, dealing 150/225/300 magic damage and stunning the target for 0.75s

Ground Smasher

ground smasher Hero Level

Hero Name : Ground Smasher | Class : Hunter | Power : Judgment 

Brief Info

Smashes the ground to deal 450/600/750 true damage to enemies within 2 grids.

Overborn Hero

General Puffer

general puffer
general puffer hero level

Hero Name : General Puffer | Class : WARRIOR | Power : Water Bolt

Brief Info

Fires jets of water at 2 random enemies, dealing 150/225/300 magic damage and reducing the targets' armor by 75/150/225 for 20s.


Siren Hero Level

Hero Name : Siren | ClassAssassin | Power : Siren's Song

Brief Info

Sings the song of the siren, making enemies within I grid attack their allies for 2.5/3.5/4.5s


Kraken Hero Levek
Kraken Hero Levek

Hero Name : Kraken | Class : Hunter | PowerDeep sea Coil

Brief Info

stunned for 3s and take 400/550/700 magic damage. Stunned enemies also take an additional 30% physical damage.

King Of The Sea

king of the sea
king of the sea Hero level

Hero Name : King Of The Sea | Class : Hunter | PowerFury of Deep Sea

Brief Info

stunned for 3s and take 400/550/700 magic damage. Stunned enemies also take an additional 30% physical damage.

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