Chess Rush : All About Gurru | How To Use Gurru

There are many heroes in Chess Rush game. All are useful and help to grow your progress in the game. But Gurru is one amazing hero in whole game. Most of players are don’t known about How To Use Gurru in the game and What s Gurru?

So In this guide, We will cover all about  Gurru Hero and get brief info of gurru and use of his.

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About Gurru

Gurru is one Little Jelly Hero which is use for as wild card to leveling up your another hero in the game.

Gurru Jelly has three level.Level 1 , Level 2 and level 3.But all are helpful.


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Guru Hero Level

Gurru have not any ability to fight. Gurru Loves peace and refuses the fight.  But stlll, Gurru has Jelly specie and Druid class.

So this mean Gurru is very useful to quick level up another druids  using their combos.

How To Use Gurru

Gurrru is use for upgrade another Druids hero.If you have two identical copies of a 1 star hero, you can drag guru on to one of them and he acts as a wildcard forming the 3 1 star copies to make a 2 star version of that hero.


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