Ceres M : Best Reroll Guide to Get Best Summon

Reroll is help you to get your first powerful summon. Get the best guidance for Ceres M Reroll’s guide to get your best heroes – summon from over 200 heroes in the game.

Ceres M is a brand new Gacha RPG game for mobile. Game offering more than 200 heroes in the game. Each hero has an Ultimate skill and power. But reroll is helps you to get your Best hero in the game.

Ceres M: Best Reroll Guide

Once you have installed the game on your mobile. Start to play the game as Guest.  Play game around 5 to 6 minutes as a guest only. After a time, You will unlock around 30 selective summon in the game.

Keep in mind that your first summon is your premium summon and it can give you 5 star summon. but the overall chance is less than 2%. Because there are over 200 heroes in the game.

I recommend you always aim for at least 2 five stars summon. There are very few chances of also getting 3 stars in 1 pull.

You can also aim for King Class character which is Pluton, Herianna, Hellborne, Hart, Irim. But which character you like is totally dependent on your preference. You can also aim for Executor-class in which you will get a warrior  which is an amazing hero.

However, Jeina and Xi’an are excellent support and excellent hunter in the game. You can also choose  Kalisha as your primary healer or waifu. Both are good as healing.

But still, you didn’t get any good heroes. You can try your luck again. There is no limit to try your luck. There is an arrow on the left side of the home screen. It will take you to settings and then go to Information and then Guest reset. Play again as a guest and try your luck again to reroll your best.

So keep trying to get the best summon. Once you have get, you can connect your account with any social media or third party app to save your next game playing.

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9 months ago

Is any heroes tier?

5 months ago

Irim is best Magic !