Ceres M: Best Beginner Guide & Tips

Ceres M Brand New MMORPG game. In this guide, you will get a guide to starting stronger in the game and overview of all functions of game. It helps you a lot to start game.

But Before start Ceres M Game, I recommend to you to go for rerolling first. Because reroll helps you get your perfect summon in the game. Check out our Reroll guide for the Ceres M game. It helps you to get how to reroll in the Ceres M game.

Hero Guide

There are more than 200 heroes are in the game. But each hero has level, power, and enhancement.

Maxing level

Hero gain experience while adventuring. So just keep clearing stages and your hero will max its Level soon enough. You can do 1 carry, 4 or 2 carry 3 once you are strong enough. You can do this passively too by joining a guild. Just place your desired hero under the training center and it will reach level 30 in a few hours.

Maxing Enhancement

Level 1-star to 3-star are usually fodders and you can safely feed those away. The only exception is if it’s a hero you want to evolve to 6-star. Ravi is the best as it’s worth 5x the XP rate. IMPT – core & super core are not materials that you feed for enhancement.

Evolution Level

Think of it like you are evolving a Squirtle -> wartortle -> Blastoise. For a hero to evolve, it has to max level and max enhancement level. After this, it needs a core of the same element & star-level. Once evolved, the hero will have its level reset to 1 and star-level increase by 1.

Using my Adele (Hello) as an example, she’s a 4-star wind element hero, therefore, a 4-star wind core is needed for evolution. The super core is slightly different in the sense that it can be used for any element, but the star-level still applies.

You can get core from the daily dungeon, but it’s only free for the first run and limited to the element of the day. You can run an additional 3 runs per day after the first free run (with ruby) for any dungeon of your choosing, but bear in mind it will cost slightly more if it’s a different day. The highest star-level you are able to get from the daily dungeon is 4-star. So you might ask what happens if I have a 5-star hero that I wish to evolve since there’s no 5-star core from dungeon? The simple answer is to treat the 4-star core like a hero and have it evolve to 5-star (so max its level, max its enhancement M, consume another core of the same element and star-level)


Once a hero reaches level 30 and enhancement level+5, you will see “reborn” replaces what is used to be “enhance” under hero detail. Reborn is a unique feature where you infuse two heroes of the same star-level (both must be at level 130 +5) to acquire a random hero of a higher star-level. This is a good way to acquire higher star-level hero if you have too many 4/5-star in-store.


Only available when your hero reaches level 130 +5. Infuse a similar 6-star hero to have it’s level cap raised by 2 (maximum of 10 levels to Iv140). You can Transcendence using similar heroes of lower star level.



Equipment is fairly straight forward. Check the main highlight.

Firstly, equipment has grade/rarity and it goes like this: Mythical (set) > Mythical > Legend > Hero > Rare > Advanced. They have different colors. So it’s easy to identify.

Hero grade equipment is farmable from chapter 3. Once your heroes are decked out with hero grade equipment, you can start farming for legend grade. There are 2 ways to do this (well 3 if you count epic dungeon, or 4 if you count IAP).

  • You can create your desired legend grade equipment under production. You will need the materials in order to create and it’s all fairly straight forward.
  • You can obtain a random legend grade equipment by crafting Equipment Chest, which is obtainable with 100 Rune Fragments. As you’ll be grinding in chapter 3 most of the time, you will have lots of hero grade equipment. Instead of selling them.


There are 4 different formations each with their own different set of bonuses. Just pick one or two that suit your playstyle and hero pool. Do note that you are able to enhance formation for greater bonus! This adds to your overall battle power too.

Ceres M guide tips

Tips & Tricks


You might have realized by now that most things in-game needs gold. If it’s not gold, then it’s most probably ruby or $ 🙁 Fortunately there are a few ways to acquire this precious commodity.

  • Invade – Gain gold ore and exchange 2500 for a gold bar, 1 gold bar =100k gold. You can exchange a maximum of 10 times per day.
  • Road of Trials – Select the difficulty which you are comfortable at (for reference sake, I hover between 6,7 and that’s 600-700k gold)
  • Sell Soul Stone Fragment/Magic Stone – Just to share, I always eat my fodders so I’m always selling magic stone. As a free player, there are not many mythical gears that I could enchant(honestly mystical gear should be the only gear that you should consider enchanting), then you have a bulk load of these magic stones sitting there.


First and foremost, you want to expand your hero & bag slot so you can leave the game running while you work/sleep.

Then it’s a toss-up between purchasing the mystical equipment summon package (4800 rubies) or advanced summon (800 rubies). Both have a return on investment that could be really poor or really good, but less so with mystical equipment package as you always have a use for mystical gear and you can use it for a looting time before replacing.

Recommended N-card

As you may know already, cards have rarity, namely SR>R>N. SR is better than R, which in turn is better than N. But that does not mean all is doom and gloom if you don’t have an R or SR (the rate is so low). N card when transcended can outperform a non-transcended R/SR card, and it’s a lot easier to obtain multiple copies of N card as compared to R/SR.

As transcending a card to level 40 is a hefty investment, you want to make the smart choices. Below is the list of N-card that are, in my opinion, worth leveling to Iv140 that brings value for money(or effort put in)


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6 months ago

I don’t understand, some places you have written lvl 130 +5, and some places you’ve written lvl 30 +5 when both sections talk about hero levels. Which is it? Thanks