Call Of Duty Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile – Full Comparison | Which One Better?

We all are well known that Call Of Duty mobile has been launched for some country.Call Of Duty Mobile based Online Multiplayer Battle Royale game.

Call Of Duty Mobile VS PUBG Mobile

Loby Compare

Both games give you lobby for starting game,From where you start your game.In which hundreds of different players gather.In PUBG Mobile,100 Palyers starting game.

In Call Of  Duty Mobile, also hundred players gathered in the lobby.Then They will take off using Helicopter.

In PUBG Mobile,after a few seconds the aircraft tech-offs.And the players tend to land on their favorite premises by looking at the map.

But In Call Of Duty Mobile,You can also take weapons as well as helicopter.You can drive up the helicopter.With which you can even shoot.And you can go around and enjoy fun.The lobby is also not boring if we compare with PUBG Mobile.

So Call Of Duty is batter than PUBG Mobile.


You all know that the plane's skins are changing in PUBG Mobile with respect new update and new festivals.Also you can see the map from the plane in PUBG Mobile game.And you can land on your own location.

But In Call Of Duty,you first see a cut scene before takeoff.In addition, the video playback is also good in Call Of Duty Mobile.

Jumping From Plane

In PUBG Mobile,Player has no dive suit for landing.But In call of Duty Mobile,Player has one dive suit for safe landing.

Also Both players have parachutist for safe landing.So there are no any major different PUBG Mobile and Call Of Duty Mobile.

You can also customize your Parachutist in PUBG Mobile using Royale Passes.But at currently,Call Of Duty don't providing any such Royale Passes.In future,Maybe you be able to customize your parachutist.


Both game have it's own Default Map which already come with dafaulty when Gamers Download .PUBG has Eeangel Map Default map and Call Of Duty Mobile has isolated map.

But if compare both game's map each other then PUBG Mobile map look is better than Call Of Duty Mobile Map.You can get realist feeling from PUBG Map. And also you can find everything in game also.



PUBG Default Map

Call Of Duty Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile

Call Of Duty Default Map

Call Of Duty Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile

But if we talking about Call Of Duty Mobile map,then Default map seemed like Paper Map.You can not get any realist feeling from this map.But COD Mobile has also good map.COD Developer still try making realist map for COD Gamer.

So Currently,PUBG Mobile map is better than COD Mobile map.

Graphics Compare

Now we'll comparison between Graphics.Such as Overall Layout,Houses,Road and other important thing.

Both games are giving amazing graphics.The only major Different is that,Colors of houses and road are different.

In PUBG Mobile,You wlll get real world graphics and In COD Mobile,You will get War Based Graphics.But Both are equally based on Graphics Quality.There are no any doubt for graphics qaulity and others layout.

Characters Compare

You will find different characters in both the games.But in PUBG Mobile, you will see the options for Changing Character Gender.This not currently available in COD Mobile.

Call Of Duty Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile

Also You can customize your character such as nose,skin colors ,Cloths ,Hair and other.

Emotes Compare

Both games are giving emotes to gamer.You can celebrate your victory using emotes.You can also express your feeling using this emotes option.

COD Mobile also giving Emotes options to us .As well as PUBG mobile also giving Emotes option to us.In addition,PUBG Royale pass gamer can unlock another emotes using RP Ranks.

So there are no any major different between emotes for both games.

Swimming Compare

You can swim in water in both the game.You can also swim under water and on water too.Both game giving amazing layout.

But Major different is in COD Mobile,in PUBG Mobile you can not fire using a gun while floating in the water.But In COD Mobile,You can fire using Gun also in water while swimming. So this is one big different  between in swimming Compare.

So this is plus point in COD Mobile Game.

Vehicle Compare

Both game giving lots of different type of Vehicle to gamer.In pubg mobile,game giving Bike,cars,boats and buggy.In COD Mobile,You will get helicopter,boats etc.

In pubg Mobile,You will get real life vehicle because this game is based on realist.But in Call of Duty Mobile,You will get war based vehicle such as helicopter.Because COD Mobile is one War based Battle Royale Online game so.


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