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Call Of Duty Mobile is one upcoming Mobile Battle Royale Game for Android Devices and as well IOS Device.Game is Online Multiplayer Action game.In this article,we will cover All Vehicles which are available in COD Mobile game.

Vehicles play an important role in any Games.Players can not move without a vehicle.And even when it comes to the Battle Royal game, it is very important topic for vehicle.Vehicles are helping to players moving one to another places with fastest way.

They also provide some little defense from enemy hit and gun’s shot.So here ,In Call Of Duty,there are some vehicle in game.We will cover all vehicles and their specification in this article.

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Call Of Duty Mobile Vehicles List

Currently,There are major four type of vehicle available in Call Of Duty Mobile game.You can find all these vehicles on different places in maps.These vehicles are proving mobility to players while playing gaming.In addition,you can find this all vehicles from different point in map.

Different point and places are proving different type of vehicle.If you go to the beach ares,then you will get boat in game.On that places,you don’t get any car vehicles.So,it is totally depend on places and surrounding atmosphere.

There are four type of vehicles in Call Of Duty mobile at now.Checkout all Call Of Duty Mobile Vehicles List  here.


ATV is one Two seated vehicle in Call Of Duty Mobile.ATV provides basic protection from enemy.Because as you see in below pictures,There are no any other protection as SUV Car.It is fully opened from upper side and other sides too.

So,Enemy can easily target you and have a little protection in game.But It provide good mobility in game.And also provide hidden from enemy.Because of small size and fast speed is one biggest feature of ATV Vehicles.


Call Of Duty Mobile Vehicles List

ATV in call of duty mobile

So,you can use ATV for hide from enemy and moving fastest from one to another places in game.


Light Helicopter is another vehicle in COD Mobile game.This vehicle allow you three seats for sitting inside.The main major benefit of Helicopter is you can also attack on enemy from sky.So this one is one coolest feature.

Call Of Duty Mobile Vehicles List

Light Helicopter in call of duty mobile

You can also find and search players in map easily.Because you are on up side,so finding enemy is beneficial for you.Also Helicopter provide more mobility and fastest option for move one to another places in game.


SUV Car giving four seat in Call Of Duty mobile.This is one amazing and highly capacity vehicle in COD Mobile.The main advantage of SUV Car is that,you can moving every places with your full squad .You not need to taking another vehicle in game.The only one vehicle is enough for you for searching enemy in map and attacking on other players.

Call Of Duty Mobile Vehicles List

SUV Car in Call Of Duty Mobile

SUV car also providing protection from enemy hits.You are fully protect from four side from enemy shot.So car is one good vehicle for you when you are playing with 4 VS 4 team in game.


Boat is only one vehicle that you can use in water.You can moving another places from water using boat.Boat proving four seat.So you can use boat in also solo.duo and squad game.

Call Of Duty Mobile Vehicles List

Boat in Call Of Duty Mobile

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