Call Of Duty Mobile Pro Tips

There so many points you need to keep in mind, while playing Call Of Duty mobile game. If you avoid these points, then you will never be Pro in the COD Mobile. So according to our game experience, We are going to give best pro tips to be Pro Player in the Call Of Duty mobile game. These tips are OP and help to increasing your performance in the COD mobile.

Check out our Call Of Duty Mobile Pro Tips below.

Call Of Duty Mobile Pro Tips

There are some major setting, You need to do before going any battle in Call Of Duty. Because these setting are help you to win the battle and increasing your performance in the game.

Always Use advance Mode

There are two type of mode in Call Of Duty mobile. First is Simple mode and second is Advance Mode. Both mode are work different  and have different style of attack.

Call Of Duty Mobile Pro Tips
Always Use advance Mode

In simple mode, System will attack on enemy whenever Your enemy front of you. But this will take some micro second to take attack. So it is something difficult to manage.

Instead of Simple mode, In Advance mode will very helpful to you knocked down enemy. Because in Advance mode, all process are done by you. There are no any system which take decision for you. In advance mode, All thing based on your self and your decision making skill. So this will help to direct attack on enemy.

In addition, It never take some micro second to attack on enemy. So this is one benefit you to instantly knock down enemy without any taking micro second to take decision of firing.

So Change simple mode to advance mode is best technique in Call Of Duty Mobile. 

Go With Your Best Loadout in Any Battle

Before you go to battle, you have option to choose your load out in the game. So you can change your loadout from Loadout option.

Go With Your Best Load out in Any Battle
Go With Your Best Load out in Any Battle


Loadout is very important because whenever you go to Battle, You will get gun which you have chose in your loadout. So COD Mobile is giving option to change your loadout and preloadout for your any battle. So you can take advantages of this amazing feature.

Call Of Duty Mobile Pro Tips

In this option, You can change your guns and choose any guns which you have unlocked in the game. So always choose Best Gun which give you High damage and High Accuracy. Checkout our  full list of COD mobile guns which help to get understanding about Call Of Duty all weapons.

Set Best FPS According to Your Phone

It is very important to Set max FPS setting in every game. But different phone give different FPS for same game. So it is not any problems.

Call Of Duty Mobile Pro Tips
Set MAX FPS according to your Phone


But some players don’t known about FPS and its setting. They still play under low FPS. But Their phone have capacity of HIGH FPS mode. So this mistake made by mostly new players.

So always set Max FPS which can your phone give. Other wise you will get problem while gaming. Such as Early Kill, Legs or any others.

Generally in very High FPS giving 60 FPS in every mobile phone while gaming any game.

Choose Guns which You have Attachments

Attachments are very helpful to make any gun more power. Attachment are increasing overall power and features of guns in any kind of games.

Call Of Duty Mobile Pro Tips

Attachment such as Scope, Extra mag, ‎Half Grip ,‎Angled Fore grip ,‎Light Grip etc. These are help to you balance your gun while firing and decreasing recoil in game. This all are totally depend on you which one you want and need to equip on your weapons. So you need to do all this thing before game start because after staring game, You can not change your loadout . So always keep in mind this tips for Call of duty mobile.

Change your Default Sensitivity Option

Sensitivity is one of biggest thing for every mobile game. This factor affect on every game and also this factor is Responsible for win any match in any battle royale game.

Sensitivity is depend on Mobile type, mobile processor, Mobile screen , mobile screen size and mobile manufacturer. So different mobile giving different sensitivity for same game.

Also each game give Default Sensitivity for every players. This not idol for everyone players. So it is very important to change your default setting provide by game.

Try change setting once and play one match. After played match, take decision either setting is Best for you or no. If Best then go with its or You can change it again and try its in new fresh  game. So this process help to find out Best Sensitivity setting for you.

Always stay with One Person

Yes, It is very very important to stay with team and interact with team. If you run away from all teammates , Then there are very low chances to you will win the battle. So always stay with one person is best tip for all players of call of duty mobile.

Because There are no any time rule and location rules for attack on you. Anybody can attack on you at any time and from anywhere. So If you are with your one teammate then there are some chance to you will kill your enemy. Otherwise ,If you are away from your teammates then two enemy are easily kill you and it is very difficult for you to fight with two enemy at same time. So always run with your squad or at least one teammate.

Use Knife When Your are Closer to Enemy

Knife is one amazing weapon for all players while closer fight with enemy. Because It is very very difficult to take aim and shoot enemy in close range fight. But there are only solution for it and it is Knife.

Call of Duty provide knife and you can loadout your knife before enter in any match. Also knife take only one shot to kill enemy. So it is very very powerful in short range fight.

Use Cover while Fighting

There are many useful cover that you can use as your cover while fighting with enemy. Such as Wall, Cars, Rooms, Windows etc. These all are help to protect with enemy bullets and enemy’s sight.

So always use cover and then take fight. Also these covers are help you to recover your heath and reloading your bullets.

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