Cadence of Hyrule Game Guide ,Tips

Cadence of Hyrule Game is very interesting.It is come with many amazing things.It’s also awesome if you’re just starting out with this game.

I’ll explain how things work and offer some tips on how to best get started.if you’re struggling or just looking for a little info hopefully this guide will definicatly helping you.

Cadence of Hyrule Game 9 Epic Tips For Gamer

Cadence of Hyrule Game Guide

Movies the rhythm can be hard it’s the main gameplay concept of this game along with crypt of the necrodancer. I think it’s the most intimidating, when there are enemies on screen you can only take a step or perform an action to the beat.

If your timing is off you fumble and nothing happens.Keeping up with the rhythm is the make-it-or-break-it thing about this game.And it’s exhilarating if you get it but infuriating if you down.

So if you’re really struggling at first or just don’t want to bother playing the rhythm game ,there is an option to turn off the rhythm gameplay.

When you’re starting a new game go into the custom settings and switch fixed beat mode to yes.


Cadence of Hyrule Game Guide
Custom Mode switch fixed beat mode to yes.

Doing this makes it so that every time you move and enemy moves like classic rogue style game. Rather than enemies and you moving at every beat of the song.

The nice thing is if you’re starting to get the hang of the game ,you can always go to the settings and switch fix beat mode back to know. Whenever you want so you’re never locked into any options you don’t want to do.

The Death Penalty

So there is death and loss in this game.It’s definitely more severe than what you’d expect to see in a standard Legend of Zelda game, But it’s actually not too bad.And let me explain to you why.

So how this game works is that the world is randomly generated when you start a new game.In most roguelikes and encrypted the necrodancer ,if you die then that’s it you got to start from scratch at the beginning of the dungeon, which gets randomized again.

That doesn’t happen in cadence of Hyrule ,the dungeon layouts never change in any progress you make in them is retained, so like if you get to the boss the end of the dungeon and then, you die you don’t have to completely restart the dungeon.

Cadence of Hyrule Game Guide

You can just attempt to fight the boss again. So what do you actually lose when you die anything you’ve got equipped so torches shovels rings and boots are lost on death also any rupees and keys in your possession are gone .But any diamonds ,you’ve collected are spared so that’s the currency that always holds over.

Along with any inventory items like bows ,bombs and bottles ,your weapons are never lost on death either So if you find a cool sword you like you’ll stay there after you bite it.Now sometimes these things can break but you’ll never lose them when you die.

Now when you die ,you can spend diamonds to purchase items to have in your possession when you come back.Some of these are permanent and others aren’t.

If you buy a heart piece from the afterlife store it’s permanent.Same thing applies to weapons and that’s because I’m like those are never lost on death.

Whereas the items like the ring shovel or torch or lost, when you die, so if you buy him here and you die again they are gone so they’re not permanent .

So at first you should definitely prioritize getting the permanent upgrades before the temporary ones .That spear and that extra heart can make things a lot easier going forward.


So your starting weapon isn’t very good to deal with enemies. You’re going to be putting yourself into some serious danger and at first it can be hard to understand how enemy movement patterns you’re gonna want to get a better weapon.

Probably the easiest to use are the long sword and the spear. Both weapons that allow you to get hits in from a distance.

If you can get one of these weapons and then your survivability goes away way up. So how do you get them?

Cadence of Hyrule Game Guide

Well they’re random but there’s not too many weapons available to get in this game. So there’s a few ways.check any shop you find obviously but a smart move would be to just beelined for Kakariko village and go to the crypt.that’s basically the beginners dungeon and the safest wanted to do with the start.

So you should be able to get through it with only some hardship .But the likelihood of finding weapon is way way higher in an actual dungeon, so hopefully you’ll get something good there.

Another way is to just die .I got this spear from a special shop when you die and it’s great.I think the longsword is probably the best but if you can’t find one a spear will do nicely.

Cadence of Hyrule Game Guide

Either way that’s my tip your first priority should be to find a better weapon .And the best weapons for beginners are the spear and the longsword.

Best Locations Hunting

Now if you want to find Kakariko village ,there’s a couple of things worth knowing This location is random .But there’s a few things about it that are always the same and knowing what those are it can help you find it faster.

Cadence of Hyrule Game Guide
Kakariko village

It’s always in the grasslands area .So there’s gonna be some tiles around it with grass. It’s also always two squares high and will never appear in the absolute edge of the map.

It’s always only like a square or two away from Hyrule Castle, which always appears at the center of the knowing all that there’s really only a few locations that the town will actually appear though .sometimes it can be pretty far from your starting location.

Cadence of Hyrule Game Guide


Whenever you find cadence around Hyrule ,she’ll give you a special item or skill. But where can you find her ,well actually she’s not too hard to find .She always appears the areas containing the dungeon.

So you can find her in lake hylia the Andros to the Lost Woods among the ruins in Gerudo ruins and on Death Mountain.They’re all large tiles that contain the dungeon entrance except the Lost Woods and cadance is always in a cave ,somewhere in that tile so if you want to get all those skills that’s where to look.


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