Cadence of Hyrule Game 9 Epic Tips For Gamer

I come up with a few useful tips for Cadence Of Hyrule Nintendo Game.I should help beginners get a better foothold on the game.while also may be shining some light on some aspects that you might have missed, if you’re already chipping away at your adventure.

So Check out 10 Epic tips for Cadence of Hyrule Game.

Cadence of Hyrule Game 10 Epic Tips

Here is 10 amazing tips for all beginner and as well Pro gamer also.If you are beginner in Cadence of Hyrule,then these all tips will very useful to you.And also if you are Pro player in Cadence of hyrule,then also these tips are helping you to more improvement in Cadence of Hyrule game.

Life Improvement for Quicker Map Navigation

Once you obtain the loo,t you can now warp to any activated to chica stone on the map.And although you can take the time to equip the loot,play it and then warp it’s.

Cadence of Hyrule
Cadence of Hyrule Map

Far easier and much faster to simply open your map, select exactly where you want to go and avoid having to use the loo ever again.

Well unless you manage to get stuck in a dungeon and have to use it to warp to the entrance.

Precious Diamond Tip

If you’re having a hard time making progress at the beginning of the game, Instead of using your precious diamonds to get new items or to increase your max health save up for your very first purchase to be the long reaching spear.Which allows you to attack from one extra tile away.

Perhaps the most powerful single upgrade ,you’ll ever make to your character and it makes the game drastically easier.

Even this basic spear can carry you through the vast majority of the game .Since its extended reach allow soar far more wiggle room ,when managing fights while still keeping the rhythm multiplier going.

Which you’ll want to do of course because if you keep this up you will be rewarded in the long run with better chances of obtaining diamonds.

Confused for Next Stop – Tip

Confused on where to go next on the map, and seem to be just wandering around look for the fortune teller shop Spread throughout the map and for a small donation we’ll gladly read your future and pinpoint where exactly on the map.

You should go next big obvious arrow and all.

Health Potions in game

If you have a bottle, it should always be filled with as many red potions that you can carry. Since in cadence of Hyrule, you don’t have to manually drink them, when your health is low.Because they will auto consume ,when you run out of HP.

Cadence of Hyrule tips

Similar to how the fairies and a bottle function in traditional Zelda games.If you have the rupees and an empty bottle ,you need to have these powerful resurrection potions in your pockets.

Diamonds Tips

If you’re trying to save up your diamonds for a certain upgrade like perhaps that insanely good spear.Mentioned before make sure to put that shovel to good use .Whenever possible you can often find diamonds hidden in these walls that you can destroy with your trusty Spade.

Cadence of Hyrule tips

I shovels do deteriorate with each use so don’t go wasting them too much.But still something to consider if you’re looking to farm up diamonds.

Sheikah Stones Tip

As you explore the vast lands of Hyrule, you’ll be frequently activating sheikah stones and obtaining those elusive heart pieces.

Since this game has some rogue like elements ,you might be struggling to not die and make sure to activate those new sheikah stones and grab those heart pieces ,when you need them the most.

Because they are essentially full free heals that are scattered all throughout the map.

Shields Tip

You already know that shields can reflect projectiles .But blocking can also be quite useful for stopping enemies dead in their tracks.

As well as pushing them around on the field.Iif you’re playing as link or cadence ,you can buy yourself some time without stopping and losing your rhythm multiplier by simply holding your shield out and pushing enemies around until your stamina wears out.

This might just save you and give you some time to think when things start to get too hectic and you get surrounded.

Cadence of Hyrule tips

You’ll be finding some permanent and temporary weapons all along your journey and some of the most powerful ones are quite fragile and break easily.

since these auto equipped once found make a habit of switching out to your basic weapon immediately and start to amass an arsenal of strong weapons to save for boss encounters and the more challenging fights .

Inventory Tip

Fairy fountains function quite a bit differently here and will allow you to infuse your weapons with certain special properties.

Cadence of Hyrule tips

You may think that you can have the best of both worlds and infuse the same weapon with multiple elements .You’re actually just overriding the last, when you put on it essentially wasting a infusion that could have been used on another weapon.

Rito Feathers Jump Ability Tip

You can use the rito feathers jump ability combined with the down thrust to actually get to some weird locations that would normally not be possible.

This can be helpful for getting up on ledges, when you mess up some block pushing puzzles or for navigating around dungeons. But the devs are on to this one and quarantined off locked rooms so no saving keys for us.

Still a very neat little trick that has a variety of uses all over the map.


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