Breaking Bad Criminal Elements Guide,Tips and Walkthrough

Breaking Bad Criminal Elements  is one Strategy game for Android and As well as IOS User. The game is based on solving Criminal Cases using your mind.So this game is under strategy category.

This game based on one TV serial.In this game,you need to build your own villages and also giving protect its from other.You need to build your headquarter and protect its too.In this guide article,You will get best Guide and Tips for Breaking Bad Criminal Elements Game.

Basic Guide

The First thing,you need to do make glass and sell its.This is thing before Build your empire.To do this thing,you need to completing contracts.After completing contracts then you will be able to build your Empire in Breaking Bad Criminal Element game.You can producing white glass in lab.After selling White Glass,you will get money.So game has been started from here.

Breaking Bad Criminal Elements Guide
Start Build Your Empire

You also need to protect your lab from enemy.For protecting your lab,you have needed to Defense Force which you can buy from store after getting Good Stuff money in game.In your whole empire,Your Headquarter is one main building.As you grow in game,you need to updating your Headquarter with time.This upgrade giving you other new building and other new features in game.

So keep always update your Headquarter building.

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Specialists Guide

There are also some specialists in Breaking Bad Criminal Elements game which all are helping to you grow your overall business and earning more money in the game.You can also unlock this all specialist from going at Specialist menu in game. 

Specialists in Breaking Bad Criminal Elements
Specialists in Breaking Bad Criminal Elements

Maps Guide

Game is giving also Map facility using this map ,you will get overall basic ideas about other Empire and your own empire.Using this map feature,you are able to see all facilities and other player Empire’s location.So,you will get basic idea about location of your enemy empire.Your city hall is constantly producing money for you.You can get that money by click on Your city hall.As you upgrade your City Hall,Production rate of money will increasing.You also need to protect your City Hall from attacking by other player on your empire.

You can also get help from Saul Goodman who is your business partner in the game.Using this ,you can update your specialist in game also.As you update your Specialist,specialist’s Talent,Ranks and Ability are also increasing.So,you can easily build your Empire.


There are several important tips for Breaking Bad Criminal Elements game.If you follow this tips,then you will easily progress in game and also able to build your empire more faster and easiest.So,checkout all Tips for Breaking Bad Criminal Elements game.

Completing Contracts For Resources

Resources are one important thing in this game.As your completing Contracts in game,you will get more resources in game.This resources are helping you to brick money and reputation in game.

For Enter In Contacts ,You will find Contract button at Right Corner of Your Top Screen in mobile.To enter in contract ,you basically need enough white glass,which you have producing lab.If you have not enough White glass,then we suggest you to produce more White Glass to enter in contact in game.

We suggesting you,As your talent and skill,complete more Contact in whole day.Because as you complete Contact ,you will get more Reward from resource.

Update Your Empire

Your Empire is  also important in game.Weak Empire is symbol of Weakness .If your Empire is weaker than your enemy,then they are easily get loot from your empire.To always up to date your empire in game.

You also need to update your Headquarter and Lab in game.Because in whole Empire,most important building are Your Headquarter and Lab.

Watching Ads

Watching free ads and get more bonus in game.Watching Ads Feature giving you offer to upgrade your building in less time. Generally,ads are around 30 second.So you can watch those and get amazing features in game.

So whenever you have not enough money and want to update any building,this feature will definitely you in game.

Claim Achievement Rewards

After Completing some achievement in game,You will get some rewards by default in game.You can collect this reward in game.By going on Achievement in game,You will see all complete and incomplete  achievement in board.You can completes those achievement too.And able to get that reward.So after Complete Achievement collect your reward.

Don’t Waste Gold Coin

Gold Coin is also one important thing.Do not waste your Golden Gold Coin in not necessary matter.You can save these gold coins for future.Some players are waste this coin at beginning of game.But further they need this coin for updating and other item purchasing in game.

Sometime,you need to update another building but you have not enough time for wait.So you can use this gold coins to immediate update specific building on that time.So here gold coins are very useful.

Update Your White Glass Generator

This is one device which is producing White glass for you in the game.We suggesting you to make sure you have up to date your white glass generator.Because updated white glass generator producing more white glass for you.You need to charge it with time.So it can producing more white glass per hour.

Update Your Character

You can easily update your character using from Specialist Menu Button and tap on it and then choose update specific your character.This because important because by Update your character ,it will also update their skills and talent in game.

Also,whenever your enemies are attacking on your empire.then character is also helping to defensing them.So if you have powerful character then you can easily defeat them.

Spend Your Dirty Money

If you have complete  some contract in game,then you will get some dirty money in game.Dirty money is one illegal currency  in game.You need to spend this money in some legal business in game.Because In case you have Dirty money that mean you are inviting police for caught you.So it is better to spend all your dirty money.

Update Your Lab and Headquarter

These both are very important building in whole game.You can all money from lab  only.Also lab is producing White glass for you.So update your lab.


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