Brave Conquest Guide, Strategies & Tips

If you like Strategy based games then Brave Conquest is one amazing Strategy based game for you. Game is developer by Famous game developer company IGG .

The Brave Conquest  game is based on strategy and farming. You have different kind of farming setup and you need to establish on your kingdom and grow up those one by one. Also need to establish your big Kingdom according to your farming.

You will get so many resource in this game which help you to grow your kingdom faster and better. However, Game is also give battle option in which you could take fight with another kingdoms. In addition, You can choose different kind of heroes and troops to your battle army. So game is giving so many features.

But there are some beginner guide and tips which help to your increasing your progress faster in Brave Conquest game. If you will follow our guide and Tips and Strategies for Brave Conquest game, You could establish your kingdom more easier and faster.

Brave Conquest : Game Guide

There are some basic guide, which you need to must follow in Brave Conquest game. if you will start refuse these guide then you could not give better performance in this game.

You need to understand basic fundamental of this game such as how to work heroes, Upgrade troops and army etc.

Upgrade Guide For Brave Conquest

You have many resource farming. Each resource need upgrading after reaching level up or whenever you upgrade castle.

So never upgrading your castle more and more. Because if you will start doing such this thing, Then you will get bore from this game. Because you will get more upgrading work for your kingdoms. Because after upgrading castle which is main building of your kingdom, then you will get new farming resource and also get job to upgrade these new resource starting from beginning.

However, other resource and building which already upgraded, those will stable and you could upgrade from last level of its.

So upgrading castle is very important whenever your all other resources and building get its maximum level for specific castle.

Upgrading your Heroes Regularly

Heroes are main thing which affect on your victory in battle. If you will go with high level and strongest heroes then there are more and more probability to win the battle. To keep upgrading your heroes with time to time.

Brave Conquest Guide
Upgrading your Heroes Regularly

To Upgrade heroes, Simply Go to Your Heroes Hall and Choose your current heroes and Press on Upgrade button. Each upgrade take some gold coins which you will get from battle.

NOTE : Maximum level of any hero is 125. You can upgrade your heroes level up to 125 level. At 125 level, Your heroes will get maximum skills and power.

Make Your Own Battle Formation

Battle formation is very very important part of this game. Because this option play important role in any battle to win. Before go to any battle, You have option to rearrangement position of your troops and heroes. Make your own  Strategy for win the battle.

Make Your Own Battle Formation

Also you can edit your formation before enter the battle. This is very amazing feature of game. Because position of troops and heroes are make your victory. If your troop positions are not right then you may lose battle.

Always Try to Get Three Star from Battle

Getting three Star from battle is easy at starting level. But as you play more game and get high level of heroes and troops, You will also get more difficult heroes in battle. So How to get three stars in the battle?

Brave Conquest Guide
Always Try to Get Three Star from Battle

There are three rule for get three star from any battle. If you break any rule from these three, You will get less star according to number of breaking rule. Such One Break rule will give two stars etc…

Rule of Getting Three Star

  1. Win the Battle as the attacker
  2. At least one surviving hero
  3. Win the battle with total HP About  50%

Don’t Spend More Gems at Starting

Most of new players are starting spending gems on other building and resource which are useless and worthless. So If you are one of them then stop to doing this type of mistake. Because gems are very very useful to unlock Second Queue in future.

Yes, At staring of game, You have only one Queue which is work as worker for your kingdom. It help to you building  other building and upgrades its. But you can unlock second queue by spending 200 Gems. When you spend total 200 Gems then you second queue will unlock for you permanently.

Now, You have total 2 queue or worker and you can upgrade your kingdom more faster and faster. So collect 200 gems and spends its on unlock second Queue.

Brave Conquest : Game Tips

Get Upgrade Information from Queue

Queue is helping you to find left time of any current upgradtion. You could get ideas from queue. There are two queue and maximum two items put on upgrading at time. To upgrade any third item, You need to wait for completion of last queue item.

Collect Expensive Gems from Trophies

Gems are very very important in any game. Similarly, Gems are very useful to you upgrade heroes and troops like any other game.

You can get more gems whenever you finished some mission or achievement. Go to trophies option and check out all option and collect gems from each.

Never Spend Gems on Useless Items or Upgrading

Most of new players make this stupid mistake at starting of game. They are staring spending gems just for upgrading building from 3 to 4. Which was just took 4 to 5 minute for it. So never do this type of mistake. Gems will helping you future in emergency whenever you need to heroes but you will have not Sufficient  amount of coins.

Go to Event and Get Rewards

Event is another way of getting coins, Medals and stone without taking any battle. You will get rewards from castle expansion event. Whenever you upgrade your castle from one level to another, You will get some reward. Collect all its.

Collect generated Coins & Stones from Mines

Mines are helping you frequently production of medal, coins and stones. These resource help to upgrading other building and resource. So collect coins and stones time to time.

Also upgrade this type of resource because as you increasing level of mines, You will get more coins and stone per hour.

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