Bowmax Beginner Guide,Tips and All League and Vehicle List

Bowmax is recently Launched New Multiplayer Action Shooting game for Android Device.Bow max has been developed by PNIX Game Developer.Game is online multiplayer game so you can playing with your friends and other online player in game.

Game is very interesting which take your aim skills and overall fast decision taking skill.If you have highly decision taking skills and love to shooting action game then you may be definitely love this game.

Bowmax is 3 VS 3 Online Multiplayer Shooting Action game for Android device. Bowmax is also available for IOS User.

Beginning Guide For Bowmax

The game is very simple and easy to play.Before you start the game, you will get 2 more players and now you need to play in the team of 3 players.Similarly, there will be a team of 3 other players in the opposite team.Now the game will start, so you will be in a car.

You need to sit in a car and kill the enemy in front of You, using the Bow.First you need to aim your enemy then after shooting him with bow and kill him. Similarly,your all teammates do such this thing.

With this,Your enemy also still aiming you and try to killing you.You need to save from them.So this is also taking care thing in game.

At Beginning,Your bow have only one arrow capacity. But as you completing more mission in game,you will get more High level of Bow and Arrow.You can also unlock more weapons,Grenade and helmets and other important which helping to improve your performance Bowmax game.


Bowmax Tier League List

In Bowmax game,You will get different type of Tier League.There are so main 10 Leagues in Bowmax game.

In every game,league is one important factor which helping to separate different skilled players .Leagues explain player's skill and performace. In Bowmax You will get total ten type of leagues in game.First is Beginner and Highest League is Champion .Here is List of All Tier Leagues List name and its bonus advantages.


Bowmax Tier League List With Bonus
Student Chest Unlocking Faster 1 %
Amateur Chest Unlocking Faster 2 %
Semi Pro Chest Unlocking Faster 3 %
Pro Chest Unlocking Faster 4 %
Veteran Chest Unlocking Faster 5 %
Expert Chest Unlocking Faster 6 %
Master Chest Unlocking Faster 7 %
Grand master Chest Unlocking Faster 8.5%
Champion Chest Unlocking Faster 10 %

Bowmax Gear List

Vehicle List

There are many type Different types of Vehicle.

Bowmax Vehicle List
Vehicle Name Arena Level For Arena
Jeep Arena 1
ATV Arena 1
Yellow Sports Car Arena 2
Buggy Arena 2
Blue Sports Car Arena 3
Motorcycle Arena 3
Dino Arena 3
Red Sports Car Arena 4
Monster X Arena 4
Chopper Arena 5

Bowmax Armor List

Bowmax Vehicle List
Basic Armor Arena 1
Indian Suit Arena 1
Cowboy Suit Arena 1
Bulletproof Vest Arena 2
Police Armor Arena 2
Rugby Uniform Arena 2
Steampunk Armor Arena 3
Fireman Suit Arena 3
Roman Armor Arena 4
Diving Suit Arena 4
Viking Armor Arena 5
Space Suit Arena 5

Bowmax Weapons List

Like every game you will find a weapon in  Bowmax Game.There are different type of weapons are available in Bowmax ,There are four type of Bows are in game.In addition,You will get shotgun,revolvers and also mini gun in game.But to get all this weapons,You need to unlock arenas and as result,you will get all weapons from arena.Here is List of All Weapons in Bowmax Game.

Bowmax Weapons List
Weapon Name Arena Level For Unlock
Crossbow Arena 1
Shotgun Arena 1
Handaxe Arena 1
2 Arrow Crossbow Arena 2
Triple Bow Arena 2
Baseball Bat Arena 2
Harpoon Arena 2
Revolver Arena 2
3 Arrow Bow Arena 3
Spring Punch Arena 3
Thunder Hammer Arena 3
Flamethrower Arena 3
Twinbow Arena 4
Gauntlet Arena 4
Mini gun Arena 4
Flail Arena 5
Photon Cannon- Arena 5

Grenade List

In Bowmax Game,you will get different type of Grenades in game.All have different damage level and you can get this grenades from Unlocking different Arena in Game.So Here is list of different Grenades in Bowmax game.Checkout all Different type of Grenades here.

Bowmax Grenade List
Grenade Name Arena Level For Unlock
Basic Grenade Arena 1
Tomato Grenade Arena 2
Oil Grenade Arena 3
Medium Grenade Arena 3
Large Grenade Arena 4

Tips For Bowmax

There are some basic and important tips for every player of Bowmax game .If You will follow this tips,You will easily unlock weapons,Arena and chest in Bowmax game.Here is Basic but very importance tips for All beginner player.

Complete Your Daily Mission

Daily mission helping to getting rewards and increasing point in every game.So In Bowmax giving you daily mission.This all mission are changing as day passing.You need to complete this mission with day passed.You will get reward after complete mission.This will helping to unlock other arenas and other weapons.So Complete Daily Mission is one first tip for Bowmax Game.

Do Not West Your Coins & Diamonds

Do Not west your coin in purchasing useless things.This coin may helping to upgrade your gear and weapons in Bowmax game.

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